This morning I went to visit Intuition Robotics, my old team, in their Ramat Gan headquarters (laughs). Goof used to come with me to work everyday, it was super fun for the both of us. I had a great time making this video, it was super fun to see everyone… Continue Reading This Age-Tech startup created ElliQ, a social robot that was developed with and for older adults

Hi. Eventually, I’m Steve Gallant, founder of MultiModel Research. I’m here with Dan Greenberg. Suppose you run a hospital. Sepsis, a kind of generalized infection, is a major concern because one quarter of the people that die in your hospital are due to sepsis infection. It’s vital to be able… Continue Reading Helping hospitals save lives with Machine Learning | Multi Model Research

TIM: Is the world of tomorrow, in an AI world, more centralized or more decentralized? NEIL: It’s probably going to wind up, at least economically, being more decentralized. I think we’re all gonna become gig folks in some capacity or another. I think as we know work today, it will… Continue Reading CXC Ecoverse eps. 7: Machines will teach us to be more human, Neil Sahota pt. 7

I’m not a fan of sitting and letting the world go by. I want to create the robots and develop the future. I started building robots as a hobby for a robot combat where it’s just sort of this side project, you build a robot at nights and weekends. And… Continue Reading Lisa Winter: What Robot Would You Like to Build?

My name is Finn Jensen I work at Stansomatic as Factory Director and have worked here for nearly 30 years. We did not have robots at Stansomatic before even though we are a high-tech company in the metal business. We started searching Denmark for companies working with robot technology and… Continue Reading Robotic solution for automated inspection and packing

Today on CXOTalk, we are speaking with truly one of the foremost AI computer scientists, educators in the world. Andrew Ng, tell us about the work that you do and give us a flavor of your background. There’s a lot of hype, a lot of excitement, a lot of promise… Continue Reading Andrew Ng Teaches AI Strategy for the Enterprise (CxOTalk #365)

Breast cancer is most commonly found on a mammogram. Mammograms unfortunately, like most diagnostic tests, are not perfect and can’t always catch the cancer. In fact, up to one in five women can have their cancer missed on a mammogram. There are two main challenges with diagnosing breast cancer with… Continue Reading AI model improves breast cancer detection on mammograms

There are some fairly common mindsets, common approaches of the most innovative people and innovative organizations. And that’s how I distilled my remarks here today to share with you five big ideas, the five core mindsets of innovation hackers. [audience claps] Good morning. So I have a number for you.… Continue Reading Josh Linkner: Hacking Innovation: Innovation You Lecture Series: Arizona State University

– Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, fear of automation has been on the rise. In the early-1800s, textile workers in England got spooked by the rise of weeding machines and sparked a rebellion so intense that the military had to be called in to put it down. When… Continue Reading Will Robots Take Our Jobs? | Freethink Wrong

Hi! I’m Patrick Perez, and I’m the scientific director of, a new A.I. research lab of Valeo settled in the centre of Paris. I’ve been a computer vision researcher for more than 25 years now, working in both academic and industrial research labs. The prospects,which are immense, are both… Continue Reading [Corporate] An interview with Patrick Perez, Scientific Director of