well the increased amount of artificial intelligence used in our DV gadgets is becoming more pronounced by the day its Spartan debater and whether the technology will benefit or threaten humanity as their Oh Sooyoung reports it’s giving rise to one more human centric artificial intelligence here’s the very bottom… Continue Reading How AI, robots will evolve to empower humans

Tyra Bjorlo graduated in the summer of 2019 from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in Intelligence and National Security Studies. This major just overall has been fantastic and I loved every second of it. Her main study at Coastal focused on how women are holding more operational roles within… Continue Reading Coastal Now – Tyra Bjorlo Alumna Profile

our feelings are often hard to describe or quantify as they’re a subjective state of being but with artificial intelligence continue to evolve in an ever rapid pace scientists are working on state-of-the-art treatments that can improve our emotional well-being using these machine learning deep learning artificial intelligence our Oh… Continue Reading AI growing in emotional intelligence, helping diagnose mental disorders…

the number of elderly people around the world is expected to double by the year 2050 so to keep them company and look after them artificial intelligence is helping to Train social robots ears are also young with part two of our special series on AI if you can’t remember… Continue Reading AI training robots to find lost keys, look after the elderly

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hello everyone welcome to an introduction on evolutionary algorithms before I go on to introduce myself I want to make it clear but I don’t expect you to have any pre-existing knowledge of the subject or any scientific background this introduction is intended for everyone especially those who are interested… Continue Reading Evolutionary Algorithms

The Workforce Center has been the leader in IT, project management, and cyber training, and now we are getting into the Artificial Intelligence training solutions. I think what we find in industries like aerospace and defense, healthcare, ag and biosciences is that they’re asking very challenging questions. These enterprises have… Continue Reading Just Released — AI Courses @ Saint Louis University Workforce Center