This demo will show you how to automate your business process end to end using Automation Anywhere’s Digital Workforce platform. Digital Workforce platform includes three components: 1.) RPA, or robotic process automation, is an automation engine. 2.) Cognitive IQ Bot understands unstructured data and converts it into the structured form.… Continue Reading Process Orders in the Cloud with Automation Anywhere IQ Bot

BPO – Next generation solutions for value creation. You pioneered ways to deliver services more efficiently and economically. With RPA, you can retain and grow your existing customers profitability by further driving productivity increases across a wide range of processes. Our BPO customers are showcasing unprecedented success in their service… Continue Reading Improving BPO Companies with Automation Anywhere RPA

The reality is a lot of the automations that have been created by companies over the past decade are rigid, they’re inflexible. And the reality of work life is that it’s full of exceptions and messy data. The promise of intelligent automation is that it can handle those exceptions and… Continue Reading Benefits of intelligent automation vs. RPA

I work for a large enterprise academic medical center. The driving factor for us to begin to look at technologies to support automation was our diverse landscape of tools. So we were looking for something that would allow us to work across our different platforms. We have to be able… Continue Reading Automation success story: Quick ramp yielded time and cost savings

Hi, I’m Heidi Hattendorf, I lead our Telecom practice at Automation Anywhere and thrilled to be here today with James and Jeff from ISG, one of our very key strategic partners. So thanks for joining – Great. So if you think about the customers that you work with and about… Continue Reading Talking Telecom RPA with ISG | MWC LA

Catalytic is your easiest path to scaling automation. That’s because Catalytic has a simple, no-code interface where you can build automations quickly. We call these Pushbots. Say you’re a business managing customer support, you need to monitor the most urgent complaints and assign issues for follow-up to give a great… Continue Reading How to build automations in Catalytic

Albertsons company is a leader in the food and drug retailing space with over 200,000 employees across the U.S. We spent countless All Hands meetings, many communications, many one-on-one sessions, educating our teams on RPA, Digital Workforce and the benefits. As we’ve went through this journey over the last year,… Continue Reading Albertsons’ Automation Transformation Saves 30,000 Hours in Shared Services

Hello! This demo video will show you how to start using Bots and Digital Workers from Bot Store in three easy steps. Discover hundreds of pre-built bots and digital workers in Bot Store, the largest marketplace for intelligent automation. You can get started in three easy steps. Step 1: download… Continue Reading How to Start Using Bot Store Bots and Digital Workers

Welcome to Automation Anywhere Enterprise. Automation Anywhere is capable of servicing an auto insurance customer claim using a virtual assistant, which is then followed by an automatic e-mail process. Note that in this example, we will not only see how the process works, but we will also see how the… Continue Reading Automate the Insurance Claim Process | Automation Anywhere Enterprise

I’m Sushanth Raikar, I’m a senior manager and I’m and I’m working with Genpact. With Genpact we have got 80,000+ employees and it is widespread and and as village of revenue. Automation is playing a vital role now so when it comes to RPA means initially the RPA was something… Continue Reading Genpact Delivers RPA Services Faster with RPA | Automation Anywhere Success Story