Mac Greer: Let’s begin with the big deal of the day, financial technology provider Fiserv is buying payment processor First Data in a $22 billion all-stock deal. Jason, that $22 billion number represents a nearly 30% premium over where First Data closed on Tuesday. First Data up big today. Jason… Continue Reading Why Fiserv Bought First Data for $22B in Stock

Mac Greer: On Friday, shares of Amazon had their worst day in four years, down around 8%. Concerns over slowing growth in the wake up their earnings, Jason. Shares not doing much today. We should add that Amazon is still up around 40% for the year. Perspective is an order.… Continue Reading Why Did Amazon Stock Book its Worst Day in Four Years?

Chris Hill: Hey, everyone! Thanks for joining us! We’re coming to you from Fool global headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia. I’m Chris Hill, joined by Matt Argersinger and Austin Smith. Thanks for being here, guys! We’re going to be talking real estate investing. We have a lot to cover. But speaking… Continue Reading Real Estate Investing: How to Play the Housing Market Without Buying a House

Chris Hill: Hey, everyone! Thanks for watching! I’m Chris Hill. Welcome to Fool global headquarters in Alexandria, Virginia! I am joined by senior analysts Emily Flippen and Shannon Jones. Thanks for being here! Emily Flippen: Thanks for having us! Hill: We’re going to be talking about certainly one of the biggest… Continue Reading Marijuana Stocks: Which Ones are the Best Buys?

Dylan Lewis: To have a little fun to wrap up, Brian, you mentioned Upwork and our discussion last week. I will put it to you: Upwork or DocuSign? If you’re buying one, which one do you like more? Brian Feroldi: I think there’s reason to be bullish on both companies.… Continue Reading Better Mid Cap Stock: DocuSign vs. UpWork

Vincent Shen: Welcome to Industry Focus, the podcast that dives into a different sector of the stock market every day. I’m your host, Vincent Shen. Joining me today via Skype is senior Motley Fool contributor, Asit Sharma. Hey, Asit! Thanks for hopping on! Asit Sharma: Thanks so much, Vince! Happy to be… Continue Reading iRobot Could Become a Giant in the Smart Home Market

Chris Hill: Hey, everyone! Thanks for watching! I’m Chris Hill. Welcome to Fool global headquarters here in Alexandria, Virginia. I am joined by Andy Cross and Jason Moser. Thanks for being here, guys! Andy Cross: Thanks, Chris! Hill: We’re going to be taking your questions on stocks in just a second. Go ahead… Continue Reading Stock Market Crash Course – Q&A with Viewers!

Dylan Lewis: We are going to be doing another breakdown of a company that has been publicly traded for a little bit, and that is DocuSign. This is another software-as-a-services company. Brian, I know how much you love the SASS space, so I had to bring you on to talk… Continue Reading Why Docusign is a Growth Stock With Huge Potential

Dylan Lewis: Today, we are going to be talking about a company that helps people live that lifestyle. We’re gonna be talking about Upwork. This is a company that just went public, and it’s actually a company that The Fool uses quite a bit. We use it to manage our… Continue Reading UpWork Stock: Everything Investors Need to Know

Michael Douglass: How to pick good healthcare stocks. This is Industry Focus. Hi Fools. Healthcare Analyst Michael Douglass, and I am here with one of our healthcare contributors, Todd Campbell, all the way in from New Hampshire. Todd, how are you doing? Todd Campbell: I’m doing well. The wind was… Continue Reading How to Buy Great Healthcare Stocks – Industry Focus