In this video we try to create some man-made volcano earthquakes by doing a simple science experiment. In this experiment, we’ll drop sacks of sand from a helicopter and measure the impacts on a set of seismometers. We want to know how fast the seismic waves travel in the earth… Continue Reading Making Artificial Earthquakes on an Active Volcano

Humanity started small using agriculture to change the world to suit our needs. Each new step seemed bigger and more ambitious. So let’s take a look at what grand projects the future might have in store. So today we begin a new series looking at how we could apply to… Continue Reading Seasteading & Artificial Islands

[helicopter] HAVING RECEIVED INSPECTIONS AND APPROVALS FROM THE U.S. MARITIME ADMINISTRATION AND THE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, THE CLIPPER WAS NOW READY FOR HER FINAL VOYAGE. We towed the vessel out of the harbor. It was just a sense of elation for a lot of people, especially people who had served… Continue Reading Texas Clipper Sunk for Artificial Reef (Reef Site PS-1122)

There you go! [splash] [music] THESE DIVERS ARE VISITING THE MOST COMPLEX ARTIFICIAL REEF TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE DEPT. HAS EVER CREATED. IN JUST 1 YEAR, THOUSANDS OF FISH HAVE MADE THIS THEIR NEW HOME. THE TEXAS CLIPPER HAS BECOME AN OCEAN OASIS. [music] Okay, guys, today’s dive as you… Continue Reading Texas Clipper Artificial Reef – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]