>>So Washington Post with a doozy of a story, the acting Director of National Intelligence, that’s Joseph Maguire, according to them quote, threatened to resign over concerns of the White House might attempt to force him to stonewall Congress when he testifies Thursday about an explosive whistleblower complaint about the… Continue Reading Trump’s Intel Director Threatens To Resign

AMNA NAWAZ: The top two officials at the Office of Director of National Intelligence will leave service next week. Just last night, the deputy director, a near-30-year intel veteran named Sue Gordon, tendered her resignation. This follows the resignation of the director, Dan Coats, 10 days ago. The DNI is… Continue Reading Will acting top intelligence official speak truth to power?

 House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) accused the head of the intelligence community of illegally withholding a whistleblower complaint from Congress in an attempt to cover up misconduct potentially involving President Donald Trump or other White House officials  Schiff on Friday filed a subpoena to force Joseph Maguire, the… Continue Reading Schiff Accuses Intel Chief Of Withholding Whistleblower Complaint As A Coverup – Breaking News

JUDY WOODRUFF: Earlier today, I spoke with Congressman Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, which held this morning’s hearing. I began by asking if today’s testimony gives him a better understanding of how the Trump administration handled the whistle-blower’s complaint against the president. REP. ADAM SCHIFF: Well, it… Continue Reading ‘Sense of urgency’ on whistleblower complaint will drive subpoenas, says Schiff