Mother, shall I get wet in the rain? – No! Mother, please let me go. – Didn’t I say, no? “Oh, mother, please let me get wet in the rain.” “Oh, mother, please let me get wet in the rain.” “Just once let me get totally drenched in the rain.”… Continue Reading Ai Aaee Mala Pavasat Jau De – ऐ आई मला पावसात जाउ दे – Kids Marathi Song – मराठी गाणी

I went into the shop one day to get an ice cream treat Cause ice cream is my favorite thing, my favorite thing to eat So many different kinds to try So many kinds to see And when it was my turn to say, how many scoops for me I… Continue Reading The Ice Cream Song | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

Fandroid Presents… “Ruler of the School.” A song inspired by Baldi’s BASICS in Education and Learning! Baldi waves at me, says, “Welcome to my schoolhouse!” “All you have to do is get all of my math problems right!” First, it seems like no big deal, this math is easy! Baldi,… Continue Reading BALDI’S BASICS SONG “Ruler of the School” ► Fandroid The Musical Robot 📏

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[MUSIC] [STEPHEN LEVINSON] This is Bert. Bert is an iCub. iCub is a very sophisticated humanoid robot. It is built by a European consortium. And there are different robot cubs in various laboratories throughout the world. We happen to have the only one in the Western Hemisphere. We call our… Continue Reading Teaching Bert: iCub Robot Learns About the World