– Are you ready for more leads with no cold calls? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. Hi, I’m Dave Lorenzo. This is The Dave Lorenzo Daily and this is video number one in a six-video series and this is the No Cold Call Prospecting System. We’ll… Continue Reading AVOID Cold Calling When Prospecting New Customers | Become A Lead Generation Expert

hello this is your… Stop fucking around tracer Thank you This is your… Tit twister testosteronsister also known as Pharah. Once you dead I will T-bag you No questions asked Dont be offended Just get good I am only a bot A smart bot Run from me But i will… Continue Reading Toxic AI Pharah

As elements on the periodic table go, lead is pretty handy. It’s not exactly oxygen or nitrogen but it has some admirable qualities. Like it’s heavy, but soft and malleable. In the form of lead dioxide it’s highly conductive which makes it useful in batteries and it’s so incredibly dense… Continue Reading Lead: The Original Artificial Sweetener