Welcome to this deep learning lecture. My name is Vincent, and I’m a research scientist at Google working on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Deep learning is an exciting branch of machine learning that uses data, lots of data, to teach computers how to do things only humans were capable… Continue Reading What is Deep Learning?

Hello everyone!!! Welcome to Learnaholic India. Today we are going to see difference between machine learning and deep learning. The topics today we are gonna cover are What is machine learning? What is deep learning? Machine learning process, Deep learning process, Difference between machine learning and deep learning and when… Continue Reading Machine Learning vs Deep Learning | Machine Learning | Deep Learning [Difference]

Hello! In this video, we’ll provide some basics on supervised and unsupervised learning. An easy way to begin grasping the concept of supervised learning is by looking directly at the words that make it up. Supervise means to observe and direct the execution of (a task, project, or activity) Obviously,… Continue Reading Machine Learning – Supervised VS Unsupervised Learning

So what was it that allowed researchers to overcome the vanishing gradient problem? The answer to this question has two parts, the first of which involves a Restricted Boltzmann Machine. This is a method that can automatically find patterns in our data by reconstructing the input. Sounds complicated, but bear… Continue Reading Restricted Boltzmann Machines – Ep. 6 (Deep Learning SIMPLIFIED)

AI and Machine Learning can affect every part of society. For instance self-driving cars use AI to recognize their surroundings, track objects, and make super important decisions like when to stop. Machine Learning is already being used in some really amazing things. It’s allowing us to be more energy efficient.… Continue Reading AI: Impact on Society

My name is Ale Flores, and I’m product manager at Alexa. My name is Dr. Chelsea Haupt. I work at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and I work on an AI-powered academic search engine. All around you, computers are making decisions, and those decisions affect your daily life. When… Continue Reading AI: What is Machine Learning?

How do we create the voice assistant service for the visually-impaired people? How do we make the skin tone analysis app identifying a variety of different skin tones? All of those have become possible thanks to artificial intelligence So far, there has been high barriers-to-entry for non-engineers who want to… Continue Reading What is EasyDeep?

Machine learning. That’s computer software that can train itself. It sounds like science fiction, but it is very real. In fact, in a couple of years, the majority companies are expected to employ people whose job it is to monitor and direct machine learning systems. Machines autonomously learning new things.… Continue Reading How does Machine Learning work? Simply Explained

Hello, my name’s Daniel. I’m part of the development team behind the Automated Machine Learning Tool. For me, the highlight of the Machine Learning Tool is how easy it makes the introduction of machine learning models into an industrial environment. The machine experts simply have to load their data into… Continue Reading Automated Machine Learning – Was steckt dahinter?

deep learning and machine learning both offer ways to train models and classify data this video compares the two and it offers ways to help you decide which one to use let’s start by discussing the classic example of cats versus dogs now in this picture do you see a… Continue Reading Introduction to Deep Learning: Machine Learning vs Deep Learning