– Hi, it’s Tomas George, and welcome to this beginner’s workshop in Logic Pro X. So this workshop’s designed for anyone that’s brand new to music production or for someone that hasn’t actually used Logic Pro before, but they want to jump in and start making their own music in… Continue Reading The Beginners Workshop in Logic Pro X – Learn the basics of Logic Pro Today!

hey everyone this is Mark from the wave shop today I’m gonna show you how to bounce your individual tracks as wav files and then prepare them for transferring this is useful when you’re working with someone who doesn’t use the same DAW as you do so from working in… Continue Reading How to Bounce Individual Tracks As .WAV Stems And Prepare For Transfer: Pro Tools and Logic Pro

what’s up guys and today we will be going over how to make an 808 in just one minute so insert a new software instrument track load a es2 synthesizer go to tutorial settings analog saw init go to mono change it to a sine wave change the decay on… Continue Reading How to Make Your Own 808 in One Minute in Logic’s ES2 Synth – Logic Pro X Tutorial

Welcome guys to the first video in my sampling in Logic Pro X series where we’ll cover different ways to sample in Logic Pro X. Today we are looking at sampling a drum beat from an old record in Logic Pro X. First you need to find a track that… Continue Reading How To Sample In Logic Pro X – Part 1

what’s up guys it’s Tom welcome back to another video today I’m gonna teach you guys how to use a ghost track to trigger your side chain compression and create some really cool rhythmic patterns for your synth first things first I know what you’re thinking Tom what the hell… Continue Reading How To Use A Hidden Ghost Trigger Track For Sidechain Automation In Logic Pro X