“Now we will wait another 8 months for Part fi-.” Nnnope, 5 months this time. HA! IN YO FACE! 5 months?! Nah man, you didn’t even upload another part for like a decad- SHUSH! No. I don’t need to hear that goddamn joke anymore, thank you. Hello guys this is… Continue Reading The Sims Comments Logic (PART 5)

Oh God, I just started a fire! Quick! Let’s scream right next to it unstoppably until the firefighter shows up! Wait what? The house doesn’t have any chairs nor dining tables? Well then toilet it is! OH NO LOOK OUT OLD LADY A CAR!! Uhh nevermind So your dad’s soul… Continue Reading The Sims Logic (Ep.1): Sims 3

Oh wow after so much practice, I can play the piano wonderfully! Now I can also paint the Mona Lisa itself even though I have never painted before! Yeah let’s mop the grass while raining because why the hell not! Oh, so you’re thinking of the perfect time and place… Continue Reading The Sims Logic (Ep.5): Sims 2

“Damn, it’s ugly!” (68 likes) “When you’re rich, you really lose touch with reality.” (74 likes) “She was a lot better in orange.” (58 likes) What do you think of the car? Not very beautiful. But, if he likes it… Epic fail. 10 days earlier Hi Nathan. Hello POG. I’m… Continue Reading I screwed up my Lamborghini !

Ian, I made a computer that can think. Hello Didn’t we just have a conversation about not doing that? No…. Yes, you did! Shut up Dell laptop, you weren’t even alive yet. Using the current state of reality as a reference, I can calculate the precise events that led to… Continue Reading DIY AI

Wow! *robotic sounds* Whoa…! AI… It’s coming. The robot violins are coming. Whoa! Are musicians going to be replaced? *gasps* Let’s find out. Today we’re gonna watch… …the most groundbreaking footage of robot violins, maybe from Area 51, I don’t know. Imagine they created Ling Ling. AI created Ling Ling.… Continue Reading Reviewing Robots Playing Violin (Very Sacrilegious)

*Western-y piano music* This place is so amazing. Everything is so authentic! Right? And you can do whatever you want. There’s no rules, I mean these are just robots. Watch check this you could shoot them. *Gunshot* That’s so cool! So are we like the only real people here? Uhh,… Continue Reading Westworld: I Am Not a Robot

*Cameraman*And, action! *Interviewer*So, Mr. James- *James*Is this rolling? Uh, yes. And, action!(that’s a lot of takes) So Mr. James, is it true that you wrote a book? Oh, THAT thing?*wheeze* Yes, the rumors are true. One afternoon, I was just thinking to myself “Why aren’t I a published author yet?”… Continue Reading A Book I Made as an Adult

[Robot] Thanks. Woahhhh… Wow! I don’t want this anymore. You can borrow it for now. *Pop Tart falls* Ummm.. Hmmm… Hmmm… I’ve got it! I’ll use my sonar to take a walk and explore my environment. [Robot] Oh! Whoop! (Lew laughs) (Lew still laughing) [Robot] Sorry I slipped! Please wait.… Continue Reading Robot + Dog + Pop-Tart = ?

-This is “Tonight Showbotics.” Let’s meet our first robot. Please welcome from M.I.T., Sangbae Kim and the Mini Cheetah. [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. Good to see you. [ Chuckles ] Oh, my God. Okay, all right. First of all — Wow, okay. This thing is amazing. What… Continue Reading Sophia the Robot and Jimmy Sing a Duet of “Say Something”