here is a demo of the GUI of VeggieManager i am putting an apple on the device the apple is detected, on the background screen, and so i press the “add” button of the application. the list of items is updated; the apple appears. i am adding another apple, that… Continue Reading VeggieManager – MACHINE LEARNING PROJECT – AUTOMATIC PAY STATION FRUIT RECOGNITION

artificial intelligence is today at the heart of all fields whether military, finance bank, intelligence, police, law logistics, transport, robotics, video game art! And medicine is no exception recent studies have shown that artificial intelligence allows predict premature death with a high reliability what place will intelligence have artificial in… Continue Reading Une intelligence artificielle qui prédit la mort ? Deep learning, le futur de la médecine 🤖

Hi, it’s Dom from xlmachine Today I’m going to show you how to do machine learning in Excel with our new xlmachine add-in It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons in Excel without coding or manual tuning required This video is a preview We expect to be able to… Continue Reading [Demo] Machine Learning in Excel with xlmachine Excel Add-In

Introducing BlueData Epic, the leading container-based software platform for distributed AI, machine learning, deep learning, and analytics environments. Whether On-Prem, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model, data scientists need to build models utilizing various stacks of AI, ML, and DL applications and libraries. However, installing and validating these… Continue Reading HPE BlueData Software Demo | AI, Machine Learning and Data Science

Machine learning is used in almost every aspect of a technological life. You found this video because of a machine learning algorithm that Recommended it to you. Learning about it will help you Learn how machines learn but more importantly it’s actually an interesting topic. In this video I’ll be… Continue Reading Quick 12 minute introduction to Machine Learning (with code)!

hi this is dr. Bertalan Mesko the medical futurist and in today’s video I want to tackle the most important topic when it comes to the future of Medicine artificial intelligence I guarantee you that after the next ten or so minutes you will have a clear picture of what… Continue Reading What’s The Deal With Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare? / Episode 8 – The Medical Futurist

hi and welcome back to Tech Talk I’m Ken Mingis executive editor Computerworld I’m here today with Juliet Beauchamp and InfoWorld’s Serdar Yegulalp about artificial intelligence and machine learning we’ve got Sardar back for more of a an interesting discussion a quick reminder if you’re watching us live we’re streaming… Continue Reading Machine learning and AI in action | TECH(talk)

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Tired of enderman dismantling your beautiful house? Well… Tire no more! Say hi to Bart the pixel artist! An A.I. project of mine to make enderman more creative, less destructive There are 3 parts to it The first 2 parts are the agent and the environment… while the last part… Continue Reading Enderman Learns to Create Pixel Art (A.I. X Minecraft)