Speaker 1: Hello Mercedes. Hello Mercedes. Speaker 2: Hello Mercedes. Mercedes: How many I help you? Speaker 2: Can you take me to Rotterdam? Mercedes: Do you want to start route guidance, or modify the current route guidance? The destination Rotterdam has been inserted.

[MUSIC] Hi there! My name is Grant Ronald for the Oracle Mobile Platform Team. Now any new technology introduces its own concepts and language, so in this video, I’m going to take a quick look at the building blocks and the terminology around the development of intelligent bots. Now broadly… Continue Reading Bots: 03. The Building Blocks and Terminology of Intelligent Bots

Hello Joachim, thank you for giving a statement with a regard to the recent news. On Monday, October the 7th, 3U announced that the holding company has aquired a property close to a new campus of Würzburg University and plans to establish a building. How does this all fit in… Continue Reading 3U HOLDING AG creates basis for artificial intelligence cluster

hey Jonathan here this week I got to attend a two-day conference hosted by h2o an innovative company which builds automated machine learning products so in this video I’m gonna go over some of the event highlights what does h2o actually do some machine learning basics who are h2o products… Continue Reading Automated Machine Learning with H2o

Today on CXOTalk, we’re speaking with somebody who unpacks the complexity of technology, the complexity of artificial intelligence, Amy Webb. She is a professor at NYU in the Business School, and she is the head, the founder of the Future Today Institute, and a very, very interesting woman. Amy Webb,… Continue Reading Amy Webb: The Big Nine and the AI Challenge 2019 (CxOTalk #336 with Michael Krigsman)

[MUSIC PLAYING] YUFENG GUO: In previous videos, you’ve seen me running Python code live on screen and showing the results. On this episode of “AI Adventures,” I’ll show you how to use Jupyter notebooks to achieve the same results. The way I’ve been running Python code live on screen is… Continue Reading Jupyter Tips and Tricks (AI Adventures)

Getting started in AI might seem a little overwhelming at first. All the deep neural networks and deep learning might be, well, too deep, right? I’m David Shaw, and in this episode of AI News, we’ll teach you how to jump off the diving board into the deep end, pun… Continue Reading Get Started as an AI Developer | AI News | Intel Software

The term artificial intelligence is used really broadly so it can encompass machine learning which is basically a type of statistics where you use the data to select the model. Artificial intelligence can also encompass much more complex algorithms like algorithms you would use to play a boardgame like chess… Continue Reading AI in 10 minutes

(projector buzzing) – [Narrator] This is the world’s largest oil processing plant, located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Early on Saturday, September 14th, a series of explosions rocked the facility, and the world woke to see it burning. – [Reporter] Satellite images show thick black smoke billowing from… Continue Reading Want to Make a Big Bet on Oil Prices? Try Measuring Shadows | WSJ

Hi. I’m Matti Sarén. I’m working in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences as a Principal and as a CEO. Before I started in this position, I worked both in the private sector, and also in different listed companies. I was operating there with Aritificial Intelligence, creating data-intensive platforms, and executing… Continue Reading Kajaani University’s CEO Matti Sarén tells about Artificial Intelligence and Education (FIN/ENG SUB)