Mindbin Technologies creates a virtual assistant called Booost for users to chat with to track and assess their mental wellbeing using machine learning to adapt the user’s avatar to adapt to the way the individual user talks…a Dr. Tamagotchi Siri if you will. They are at 80% accuracy for detecting… Continue Reading Machine Learning Will Replace Your Therapist & Best Friend | Mindbin Booost

At this point in the class, you’ve learned a lot about many of the different moving pieces that might go into a machine learning analysis. And I think it’s worth taking a step back and explicitly talking about where you want to use your training data and where you want… Continue Reading Where to use training vs. testing data – Intro to Machine Learning

♪ I love it when you call me Big Data ♪ Welcome to the Dr. Data show! I’m Eric Siegel. Data science, big data, what the hell do these buzzwords really specifically mean? Are they just cockamamie? Intentionally vague jargon that overhypes and overpromises? Or are these terms actually helpful?… Continue Reading What the Heck Does “Data Science” Really Mean? The Dr. Data Show

By now, you know Orange quite well. But how about if you want to do some specialized research in, say, bioinformatics or text mining? Add-ons are coming to the rescue. You can find add-ons under Options – Add-ons. This will display a package list from where you can install the… Continue Reading Getting Started with Orange 08: Add-ons

Data can come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a simple spreadsheet or a complex text, audio, video or even an image. Today, I will show you how Orange transforms images into numbers and in this way enables machine learning. First, we will have to install Image Analytics… Continue Reading Getting Started with Orange 14: Image Analytics – Clustering

We already talked about spreadsheets and images. How about text? Could we extract any meaningful information from a set of documents? Of course we can. First, we need to install Text add-on. Go to Options, Add-ons, and select Text. Restart Orange for the add-on to appear. Now, let us load… Continue Reading Getting Started with Orange 16: Text Preprocessing

Hi, this is Stylianos from the Tesseract Academy. In this video, we’re going to be talking about interpretable machine learning. So, interpretable machine learning is a very exciting topic. Machine learning models traditionally have been black boxes. They deliver results, but we can’t really explain how they do what they… Continue Reading Interpretable machine learning (part 1): Peeking into the black box

So, I lead a team at Google that works on machine intelligence; in other words, the engineering discipline of making computers and devices able to do some of the things that brains do. And this makes us interested in real brains and neuroscience as well, and especially interested in the… Continue Reading How computers are learning to be creative | Blaise Agüera y Arcas