“Now we will wait another 8 months for Part fi-.” Nnnope, 5 months this time. HA! IN YO FACE! 5 months?! Nah man, you didn’t even upload another part for like a decad- SHUSH! No. I don’t need to hear that goddamn joke anymore, thank you. Hello guys this is… Continue Reading The Sims Comments Logic (PART 5)

Oh God, I just started a fire! Quick! Let’s scream right next to it unstoppably until the firefighter shows up! Wait what? The house doesn’t have any chairs nor dining tables? Well then toilet it is! OH NO LOOK OUT OLD LADY A CAR!! Uhh nevermind So your dad’s soul… Continue Reading The Sims Logic (Ep.1): Sims 3

[VOICEOVER] Journal entry …one-zero-one. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these so, uh… let’s get caught up to speed. Everything can be traced back to Project Freelancer, a military organization gone horribly wrong. The men in charge were corrupt, and the soldiers who followed them were blind.… Continue Reading Season 11, Episode 1 – One-Zero-One | Red vs. Blue

Hei! [ Kovin tekoälyhahmo? ] 1. Juoksukilpailu 2. Autokilpailu 3. Tarkkuusammunta 4. Tappelu – ERÄ 1 – Juoksukilpailu ERÄ 1 TULOKSET: – ERÄ 2 – Autokilpailu Ajakaa! ERÄ 2 TULOKSET: – ERÄ 3 – Tarkkuusammunta He*vetin hyvä! Pahus sentään! Hyvältä näyttää! Voi pahus! Wou! Ihan hullua! Pahus! V*tun säälittävää! ERÄ… Continue Reading GTA 5 | AI WARS – Toughest NPC?