“Who is SUNI? Well, the short answer is he’s a robot. But why don’t we let him introduce himself…” “Hello, I’m SUNI. It means System Using Networked Intelligence. (Laughs) I know, it confuses me too. I was built to demonstrate the wonderful world of STEM — robotics, to be exact.… Continue Reading Connect2STEM TV – SUNI the Robot

Hey there brainiacs. I’m Alie Astrocyte and I am getting uncomfortably close to the end of my PhD program, which has me thinking a lot about something that a bunch of our viewers have been asking us to make a video on, which is what can you do with a… Continue Reading What can you do with a neuroscience degree?

Narrator: This medical robot actually bleeds and cries. His name is Pediatric HAL. Hi, I’m Pediatric HAL. I can show you how I feel by moving my face and my eyes. Narrator: HAL is part of a line of medical training robots manufactured by a company called Gaumard. Gaumard makes… Continue Reading Lifelike Medical Robot Actually Bleeds