we introduce RoMA the robotic modeling assistant a system that allows users to design 3d digital models in Augmented Reality while a robotic 3d printer fabricates the design at the same time, in the same space With RoMA, users can integrate physical constraints early in the design process place physical… Continue Reading RoMA: Interactive Fabrication with Augmented Reality and a Robotic 3D Printer

Microsoft Intelligent supply chain How can I better predict demand for vehicle models and configurations features, and adapt to events and changing customer needs? How can I determine optimal inventory levels across my multi-tier supply chain that decrease waste and risk, without losing sales? How can I leverage intelligent business… Continue Reading Automotive intelligent supply chain with Microsoft Dynamics 365

(energetic music) – Hello and welcome to Microsoft Mechanics Live. Coming up we’re gonna take a demo rich tour of the merger of AI, machine learning, IOT and realtime analytics with Azure Databricks and Mixed Reality through the HoloLens. We’re gonna walk you through a real world application and then… Continue Reading HoloLens meets IoT, Databricks and AI | Ignite 18

– Coming up, we give you a roundup of the latest infusion of artificial intelligence in Office to find relevant content expertise as you search for information on author in Office, up-level your presentations and documents through automated design assistance in PowerPoint and the integration of mixed reality, uncover hidden… Continue Reading AI in Microsoft Office apps

so it’s a pleasure to be here in Las Vegas to present to you now I get invited to do keynotes across the globe and while it’s easy for me to be here in Las Vegas it isn’t always easy for me to travel across the world and even when… Continue Reading Demo: The magic of AI neural TTS and holograms at Microsoft Inspire 2019

Welcome to Episode #228 of CxOTalk. I’m Michael Krigsman, industry analyst and the host of CxOTalk. We have, again, just another amazing show! We’re going to be talking about augmented reality and mixed reality, and virtual reality, and artificial intelligence [with] two people who are among the most expert in… Continue Reading #228 Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) & Artificial Intelligence (AI)