>>You’re not going all miss this episode of the AI Show. Where we learn about, automated machine learning, how to build AI with AI and One-Click Deploy to boot. Make sure you tune in. We’ll see you there. [MUSIC].>>Hello. Welcome to this episode of the AI Show. We are going… Continue Reading Simplifying Machine Learning with Automated ML

♪ (intro music) ♪ Hi, everybody, and welcome to the fourth and final video in this series of Zero to Hero with TensorFlow. I’m Laurence, and today we’re going to look back at the very first problem that we spoke about. And then we’ll see how we can build a… Continue Reading Build an image classifier (ML Zero to Hero, part 4)

Hey, my name is Ian, and I’m joined by Abhijeet, and both of us work in the data… science team, at InMobi, and what we wanted to talk to you today about on… this Whiteboard Wednesday session, is about how we actually do a lot of… work using machine learning,… Continue Reading Whiteboard Wednesdays: Use of Machine Learning in Mobile Marketing Creatives

Automated data-driven systems increasingly make decisions that affect our lives. These systems often make use of machine learning and other artificial intelligence. And they make decisions like: Which advertisements or recommendations should be shown to each individual? Does a set of medical images indicate that an individual has cancer? How… Continue Reading Machine learning research in the College of Engineering

>>You’re not going to want to miss this episode of the AI Show where Mehrnoosh talks all about model interpretability. It’s pretty cool. [MUSIC]>>Hello, and welcome to this episode of the AI Show. I have a special guest with me, Mehrnoosh, how you my friend?>>Great. How are you?>>Good. What do… Continue Reading Machine Learning Interpretability Toolkit