So Dexter offers custom-made electricity load forecasting for the short- and long-term trading cycle. The focus lies on day-ahead and intra-day, forecasting multiple load categories: Wind and solar generation Profiled customers such as households Telemetry customers such as industrial plants Water companies and Prosumers, consumers with a PV installation. The… Continue Reading Load Forecasting by Dexter

Let’s consider how we make Uber’s ETA as good as they are today. A lot of that is machine learning, and the thing that powers machine learning at Uber is Michelangelo. I was studying computer vision at the University of Waterloo. I received a call from a close friend who… Continue Reading Science at Uber: Powering Machine Learning at Uber

physicists have this way of simplifying a science problem so you’re trained to kind of look at the messy complex situation and abstract it a little bit simplify throw away details sometimes it’s too many details sometimes you don’t find out after the fact whether you’ve thrown away too much… Continue Reading Carina Curto on How Physicists Can Think About Neuroscience

okay I’m on my way to do my nails I did my workout push myself to go do it because my trainer is out of town and usually it’s a great excuse to be like oh I’ll just skip this one and wait for him I decided to go do… Continue Reading Got Kicked Out Of First Row | Paris Fashion Week Vlog

This video shows you how to use logistic regression classifiers with publicly available data about metabolic diseases to determine if someone has chronic kidney disease. For this video, there’s already a Watson Studio project with the Watson Machine Learning, Apache Spark, and Object Storage services associated. If you haven’t done… Continue Reading IBM Watson Machine Learning: Build a Predictive Analytic Model

I think one of the coolest things in computer Programming is AI in particular AI that can be taught how to navigate and move around a 3d world I love playing around with path finding and setting up challenges for my little agents to solve in this video I’ll be… Continue Reading How many AI Agents can Unity handle?

PATRICK WINSTON: Welcome to 6034. I don’t know if I can deal with this microphone. We’ll see what happens. It’s going to be a good year. We’ve got [INAUDIBLE] a bunch of interesting people. It’s always interesting to see what people named their children two decades ago. And I find… Continue Reading 1. Introduction and Scope