Tired of enderman dismantling your beautiful house? Well… Tire no more! Say hi to Bart the pixel artist! An A.I. project of mine to make enderman more creative, less destructive There are 3 parts to it The first 2 parts are the agent and the environment… while the last part… Continue Reading Enderman Learns to Create Pixel Art (A.I. X Minecraft)

hello everyone welcome to an introduction on evolutionary algorithms before I go on to introduce myself I want to make it clear but I don’t expect you to have any pre-existing knowledge of the subject or any scientific background this introduction is intended for everyone especially those who are interested… Continue Reading Evolutionary Algorithms

What if enderman was a little more creative than destructive? What if enderman is a pixel artist? In this video… we shall take the first step to make enderman great again! An A.I. project can be more or less broken up into 3 parts The first 2 parts are the… Continue Reading Enderman Learns to Make Pixel Art in Minecraft (A.I. X Minecraft)

Dr. Bengio is a world leading researcher and artificial intelligence and a pioneer of deep learning. He received the ACM A.M. Turing Award known as “the Nobel Prize of Computing” jointly with Geoffrey Hinton, and Yann LeCun in 2018. The award recognized their work for conceptual engineering breakthroughs that have… Continue Reading Yoshua Bengio: From Deep Learning to Consciousness – Robin.ly Interview @ NeurIPS 2019

This week, a UK-based startup owned by Google called DeepMind unveiled the latest version of AlphaGo, its board-game-playing artificial intelligence program. And if any human has to face it, they’re better off throwing in the towel. Because this AI has defeated everything that came before it. You might’ve heard about… Continue Reading This AI Doesn’t Need Any Help from Humans

[Woman singing] Sadly one Sunday, I waited and waited with flowers in my arms, for the grief I’d created I waited ’til dreams like my heart were all broken The flowers were all dead and the words were unspoken The grief that I knew was beyond all consoling The beat… Continue Reading Gloomy Sunday: A neural network that sees nothing but art

Hey, John-Green-bot. I’ve been thinking really hard about a HUGE life decision. I want to adopt a pet, and I’ve narrowed it down to either a cat or a dog. But there are so many great cats and dogs on adoption websites. John Green Bot: The Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus)… Continue Reading Cats Vs Dogs? Let’s make an AI to settle this: Crash Course Ai #19

In the sixth century BC, Pythagoras– yes, that Pythagoras– proposed a concept called the music of the spheres to describe the proportional movements of celestial bodies like the sun, moon, and planets. This music is not thought of as being literally audible but instead a mathematical concept. Math and music… Continue Reading How to Generate Music – Intro to Deep Learning #9