we talked about artificial neuron, Bias and activation function in last videos and now we can conclude that neuron is the fundamental element of Neural Net and when we train the a neural network we want the neurons to fire whenever they learn specific patterns from the data and we… Continue Reading machine learning .p17 -Feed Forward Neural Net. [Hindi]

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My top time managing tips are calendar everything. Use your calendar in a very active way. Everything goes in there that is at least remotely time bound. So for example, the doctor says that she wants to see you again in a year and she gives you a little blood… Continue Reading Time-Management Tips from a Neuroscientist | Daniel Levitin

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If you’re like most beginners, trying to learn about Deep Learning feels like taking a drink from a firehose you’re hit with too much complicated info too quickly, and most of it ends up seeping out of your mind If you’re tired of all that, then you’re gonna love the… Continue Reading Deep Learning SIMPLIFIED: The Series Intro – Ep. 1

If you’ve been ignoring neural nets cuz you think they’re too hard to understand or you think you don’t need them…boy do I have a treat for you! In this video you’ll learn about neural nets without any of the math or code – just an intro to what they… Continue Reading What is a Neural Network – Ep. 2 (Deep Learning SIMPLIFIED)

A human brain contains billions of neurons. Neurons are probably the more important and better-known cells of the brain as they carry out the brain’s communication function. Less known are some trillions of support cells called glia, or glial cells. The glia may not be the center of attention, but… Continue Reading Neuroscience Basics: Neuroglia Functions, Animation.

The brain is a complex network of billions of neurons. Neurons can be excitatory or inhibitory. Excitatory neurons stimulate others to respond and transmit electrical messages, while inhibitory neurons SUPPRESS responsiveness, preventing excessive firing. Responsiveness or excitability of a neuron is determined by the value of electrical voltage across its… Continue Reading Neuroscience Basics: GABA and Glutamate, Animation

This episode is sponsored by Brilliant The capacity to link our minds directly to machines offers us the possibility of rapidly processing data and controlling those machines, but such a control interface might be a two way street. So today we’ll be looking at Mind-Machines Interfaces, often called MMIs, ways… Continue Reading Mind-Machine Interfaces