Zombies those things that are human ish seem mindless and generally desire to feel one basic instinct needs to eat they may be a metaphor for many a cultural ills class warfare racism global warming etc while they don’t exist in reality yet we’re getting a bit more creative so… Continue Reading The Neuroscience of Zombies

Mood naturally fluctuates and everyone experiences highs and lows in their lives But in some cases changes in mood can become long-lasting Debilitating and can impair someone’s ability to hold down a job, or sustain meaningful relationships It’s estimated that around 10 percent of people will at some point in… Continue Reading Depression and its treatment

in today’s video I’m going to show you why learn something new often feels like we’re taking a step back when starting out I also share a little trick with you and how you can turn those beginning struggles into one win after another bass hack coming up hey Basshackers… Continue Reading The 4 Stages Of Learning – MMEducation ( Bass & Neuroscience)

we meet as a committee many times during the year to not only select speakers but to improve the venue and to improve the experience for the person coming to the symposium whether they’re a paramedic or a nurse or a neurologist or a neurosurgeon they’ll be better for it… Continue Reading 9th Annual Saving The Brain Neuroscience Symposium

Thank you and welcome to a public hearing regarding the NINDS Office of Neuroscience Communications and Engagement Notice of Proposed Reorganization. My name is Amy Adams. I am the Director of the Office of Scientific Liaison. And, with me today is (Alissa Gallagher speaking) Alissa Gallagher and I am the… Continue Reading Public Hearing: NINDS Office of Neuroscience Communications and Engagement Proposal

The indirect pathway is a circuit in the basal ganglia hypothesized to play a role in the inhibition of movement. If you’re not already familiar with the direct pathway of the basal ganglia, you might want to watch my video on the direct pathway before you watch this video. The… Continue Reading 2-Minute Neuroscience: Indirect Pathway of the Basal Ganglia

(rhythmic music) – [Narrator] Helmets are supposed to protect our heads against injury, right? (thumping) But how well do most helmets do that? – Obviously, this particular one is for NFL. – [Narrator] Most helmets don’t really do a good enough job, says Professor Bob Knight, who has spent his… Continue Reading Building a better helmet: “Brainguard”