[Captions by Y Translator] Today’s video is sponsored by Anki. Today, we’re going to be playing with, and talking a little bit about the vector robot made by Anki. [Music] Guys, I’m Nate. I’m Calli. And this is Vector. He is our new pet robot. I love him. Vector is… Continue Reading A.I. Robots are in the House!

What’s up guys my name is Mark and I build robots as a hobby I built Chad, a robot that looks like me and which you may have seen in previous videos from this channel He’s not very intelligent, and that’s because I decided to focus more on unexplored areas… Continue Reading Robot puts makeup on its face

Hey Winnipeg, we have some exciting news about our recycling program. There is a new facility where all the recycling goes that has a chance to sort it into the proper quality that the market demands so that the products that get sorted out can be made or repurposed into… Continue Reading Winnipeg’s new automated recycling facility

(Mechanical Sounds) What’s going on Transformers enthusiasts? My name is RBG and welcome to another TF movie update video. And man does it feel weird saying this because I haven’t covered any news on a Transformers movie in quite some time. I believe back in April is when things were… Continue Reading “NEW TRANSFORMERS MOVIE 2020” | Announcement & Robot Cast | Takes Place in 1990?

Rahim of Bismillahir Rahman, I am Nurul Amin Sagor, Wel-come to Learn Forex Channel Hope you all are well I would like to congratulate all those who regularly watch my videos Let’s have a look at the new forex trade robot today The words that you should say before starting… Continue Reading 100% Profitable Forex Robot new version (100% guaranty) Learn Forex

So today, we’re going to play a pretty cool game called mass Exodus. its a game I uh.. played a lot over Christmas with one my friends it’s a Asymmetrical multiplayer game meaning that one person is going to be in the headset the other person is going to be… Continue Reading Robot Factory Escape In VR! – Mass Exodus

So I received this really fancy looking box from the folks at Dyson they claim to have the next innovative thing in vacuuming But this one is obviously different, You can tell from the box and the scale of it. *knocking* Ooooh! The 26th Dyson 360 Eye to enter the… Continue Reading The Most Futuristic Robotic Vacuum

Yeah I find the Rex legs are really easy to use in a sense, like, it took us about 3 days to sort of get myself fitted properly and up and walking around. So, I mean, from someone that hasn’t walked for 5 years, I would have expected it to… Continue Reading Developing REX, the hands-free robotic walking device – Hayden Allen 1