[Captions by Y Translator] Today’s video is sponsored by Anki. Today, we’re going to be playing with, and talking a little bit about the vector robot made by Anki. [Music] Guys, I’m Nate. I’m Calli. And this is Vector. He is our new pet robot. I love him. Vector is… Continue Reading A.I. Robots are in the House!

patek is an up-and-coming niche market here in South Korea’s rapidly expanding technology sector and numerous gadgets hitting the shelves here not only spend time with people’s pets but also feed and even protect them when their owners are not around virtuoso min has the story two-year-old pop loco has… Continue Reading S. Korea’s growing pet-tech industry taking nation by storm

Dog won’t stop barking at the mailman? Just press pause. Could you ever love a robot pet the same way you love your dog? Most of us are hardwired to love animals. And I’m not talking about the kind of love we have for Dr. Who. Although I have plenty… Continue Reading Robot Pets of the Future

(beeping noise) (whirring and beeping) – What’s that? – [Brian] I have a mystery box for you guys. There’s something in here that wants to say hi. (beeping and chirping noise) Do you hear something, Finn? – Yeah! (bright music) – Good morning you guys and welcome back to the… Continue Reading NEW FAMILY ROBOT SURPRISE!

Introducing Tom, but the world’s most realistic and affordable robotic companion animal in 2011 my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and of the many bad days We had early on by far the worst was when I had to take away her dog She had a beautiful two-year-old golden doodle… Continue Reading shockingly realistic Robot Dog “Jennie” by Tombot

– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed documentaries on YouTube. (gentle music) – Hi, welcome to On The Lamb Ranch. We are 60 acres nestled in beautiful mountains here in Camarillo. I’m only about a mile an a half off the freeway. We’re nestled here right at the base… Continue Reading BORDER COLLIE THE WORLD’S SMARTEST DOGS

Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Ricky. I have a couple of pets. I’ve got a dog. (fascinating) He’s right here somewhere… Oliver, come out. Can y’all see him? (yes, we can) Hey, bud. He’s just… acting camera shy for some reason. There is my dog, Oliver (*sigh* almost) I also… Continue Reading PIG vs DOG: Testing Pets Intelligence

(upbeat music) – Come here. Sit. Snoop, sit. Snoopy. No. That not a sit, sit. Sit, sit. That’s not sitting. That not even close to sitting. Now, I don’t know. Now, if I had to rank my dogs from smartest to least smartest, I think I could do it like… Continue Reading Rescued Dogs IQ Tested: Try not to laugh 😂🐶 funny animal