Hi there! [Hello], and that was the sounds of the Science and Eternity team and this is the Science and Eternity podcast we explore the relationship between groundbreaking science and the human experience and this is the second of our three-part series looking at AI this episode we’re looking at… Continue Reading The rise of AI: Are we different from machines? | A conversation with Peter Robinson

So, we have six pieces of art right here. Five of them have been created by a human and one of them has been created by a machine. Which one is the machine-made piece of art? We’re gonna take a vote.The first one, the second one, the third one, the… Continue Reading Will The Next Picasso Be A Robot? | The School of Luzu

First of all there’s the whole question about why is it that we in the first place assume that we have obligations towards robots? So we think that if something is intelligent, then that’s their special source, that’s why we have moral obligations. And why do we think that? Because… Continue Reading Why creating AI that has free will would be a huge mistake | Joanna Bryson

Every morning, when my alarm goes off, I don’t hear a traditional chime – rather, my Amazon Echo plays motivational music to encourage me to actually get out of bed. Then it plays a video news briefing, suggests what I should wear based on the weather and then hands it… Continue Reading Google Owns 28% of Your Brain

I think a lot of people just assume that the way to make AIs more intelligent is to make them more human. But I think that’s a very dubious assumption. We’re much better off with tools than with colleagues. We can make tools that are smart as the dickens, and… Continue Reading It Would Not Be Cool If AI Were Conscious — It Would Be Dumb | Daniel Dennett

Topic 1: Some commentary about universal basic income. I cannot imagine the world is at a– situation currently, where you’d ever have a– universal basic income, past Congress. I’m not necessarily against it but, what happens to people who– because obviously, you’d be removing Social Services and putting in its… Continue Reading Universal Basic Income, Automation, Patriotism, Nationalism – Speedrunner Ramblings #91

The question about how to think about artificial intelligence in personhood and writes artificial intelligence I think is really interesting. It’s been teed up I think in two particularly good films. AI, which I really like but many people don’t; it was a Stanley Kubrick film that Steven Spielberg took… Continue Reading A.I. Ethics: Should We Grant Them Moral and Legal Personhood? | Glenn Cohen

Robophilosophy is defined as philosophy of, for and by social robotics – – and started a new area in applied philosophy. This is Johanna Seibt – – professor at the Department of Philosophy and the History of Ideas – – at Aarhus University. In social robotics we try to create… Continue Reading Robot philosophy

Here’s a thought experiment… could artificial intelligence govern us? Populism and disinformation are on the rise, and politics across the world seems to be dominated by emotions and strongman personalities. Leaders often seem to be more interested in short-term political gains, then the long-term needs of their electorate. But could… Continue Reading Could AI ever replace governments? | BBC Ideas