Everybody and their grandmother has been trying to find the one gene for pancreatic cancer, the one gene for acute myeloid leukemia. It turns out that, unfortunately, for all other cancers, most of them, really, there are too many genes that are mutated simultaneously. And so the targeted therapies we’ve… Continue Reading Cancer expert: Medicare for All is “the only solution” to inhuman cost of treatment

I think, all the pomp and all the rest of it being missing I don’t really mind. What I am looking forward to is if there is much substance to this, I think its interesting that they haven’t yet reached a deal with the DUP and I will be looking… Continue Reading MP Layla Moran on today’s Queen’s speech

Who has seen an advertisement that has convinced you that your microphone is listening to your conversations? All of your interactions, your credit card swipes, web searches, locations, likes, they’re all collected in real time into a trillion-dollar-a-year industry. The real game-changer was Cambridge Analytica. They’ve worked for the Trump… Continue Reading The Great Hack | Official Trailer | Netflix

Ben Wattenberg: Hello, I’m Ben Wattenberg. Welcome to Election Year 1996, which we will celebrate with a contest that will be announced at the end of this program. Election year — once again, American democracy is under harsh scrutiny. Many voters are fed up with the tone, the cost, the… Continue Reading Rights and wrongs of American elections (1996) | THINK TANK

Edward Snowden, uh, welcome to the show. -Good to be home. -Let’s jump straight into the book, because I don’t know how long you have in that secret hideout where you’re doing this interview from. -Um… -(laughs) It’s just my apartment in Moscow. -Oh, okay. -(laughter) Well, don’t tell us… Continue Reading Edward Snowden – “Permanent Record” & Life as an Exiled NSA Whistleblower | The Daily Show

>>So Washington Post with a doozy of a story, the acting Director of National Intelligence, that’s Joseph Maguire, according to them quote, threatened to resign over concerns of the White House might attempt to force him to stonewall Congress when he testifies Thursday about an explosive whistleblower complaint about the… Continue Reading Trump’s Intel Director Threatens To Resign

The Chinese Communist Party is great… At spying on people. And not just inside China… but also in America. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. The Chinese Communist Party has an extensive network of spies. And over the last two decades, the Party has rapidly developed its espionage… Continue Reading How China’s Spies Became World-Class