Zombies those things that are human ish seem mindless and generally desire to feel one basic instinct needs to eat they may be a metaphor for many a cultural ills class warfare racism global warming etc while they don’t exist in reality yet we’re getting a bit more creative so… Continue Reading The Neuroscience of Zombies

>>STEVE: Thanks for joining us. I’m Steve Hsu.>>COREY: And I’m Corey Washington and we’re your hosts for Manifold.>>STEVE: Well, Corey, we’ve got a special treat today. Our guest is professor Zach Hambrick of the Michigan State University psychology department. Because he’s from Michigan State, we’ve got him right here in… Continue Reading Zach Hambrick on Psychometrics and the Science of Expertise

We’ve learned a lot about how the human brain works, but there are still new discoveries and mysteries each year. And this past year was no exception. From internal compasses, to mysterious sniffers, to brain-washing — no, not like that — here are three ways the brain surprised us in… Continue Reading 3 Big Things We Learned About the Brain in 2019

Namaskar! I changed a setting a bit. Outside is very very cold, it is.. We’re approaching January, and it’s going to be very cold, so I am recording from my personal room. I would like to speak about vanity, about pride, about ego, and why these feelings of inflated ego,… Continue Reading Pride Goes Before a Fall

Hi, I am somebody, who is going to talk about the fascinating world of analytical psychology. So I am not going to into what analytical psychology is, as you can probably already understand from the words themselves. That … yeah … analytical … psychology … so analysis of psychology. Now,… Continue Reading Making a Case for Analytical Psychology

I’m Dr. Chris Masterjohn of chrismasterjohnphd.com and this is Episode 55 of Mastering Nutrition, Part 3 of our series Nutrition in Neuroscience. This is Mastering Nutrition with Chris Masterjohn. Take control of your health. Master the science and apply it like a pro. Are you ready? Welcome to Part 3… Continue Reading Nutrition in Neuroscience Part 3 | Mastering Nutrition #55

My name is Steve Pinker, and I’m Professor of Psychology at Harvard University.  And today I’m going to speak to you about language.  I’m actually not a linguist, but a cognitive scientist.  I’m not so much interested as language as an object in its own right, but as a window… Continue Reading Steven Pinker: Linguistics as a Window to Understanding the Brain

How would you feel if you thought your sibling was your parent’s favorite child? Or if you suspected your partner had fallen in love with somebody else? Almost everyone has experienced a time when they felt jealous. Feeling a little jealousy may be harmless, but it can also be a… Continue Reading How Jealousy Distorts Your Thinking

This is Neo Mohsenvand. He’s a scientist who constantly records his life. It sums up to 18 hundred hours of video. But it’s not just video, he’s also recording his feelings – using these devices, which he wears every day. He calls it Mnemo and he thinks it will one… Continue Reading Wearable technology that records memories