HARI KRISHNAN: My name is Hari Krishnan. I’m a fund manager at Doherty Advisors, and I’ve been on this station before talking about ETFs and dangers in the VIX and the VIX markets. It’s a pleasure to introduce Vasant Dhar, who is a founder of SCT Capital, one of the… Continue Reading A.I. & Machine Learning: Investing in Tech on Wall Street (w/ Hari Krishnan & Vasant Dhar)

ROGER HIRST: The S&P 500 has just cleared 3300 for the first time, while the German DAX is within a whisker of the all time highs. Valuations are rampant and many assets are extremely extended, but our assets are actually in bubble territory. That is the big conversation. It seems… Continue Reading When’s a Bubble not a Bubble? | The Big Conversation | Refinitiv

Dee Smith: Everything is changing everywhere, and it’s changing faster and faster. It’s hard to keep up, and it’s hard to see where it’s going. We’ve built the most complex society in history. But increasingly, important parts of it are failing. And many people now feel that their voices count… Continue Reading The Decay of the World Order As We Know It | A World on the Brink

Machine learning hasn’t really delivered in terms of incredible success in finance as much as it did in image recognition, video compression, speech recognition. Because there were, like, stumbling blocks and so the vision is very much helping that direction to remove those stumbling blocks, and having a chance for… Continue Reading Hurdles for Machine Learning in Finance (w/ Dr. Dario Villani) | Discoveries | Real Vision™

SCOTT DAVIS: My name is Scott Davis. I run a company called Melius Research, which is a boutique research investment house that was founded about 18 months ago, a bunch of ex-Morgan Stanley and Barclays senior folks. And we focus on industrials and data analytics. We focus on industrials research.… Continue Reading Automation, Robotics & The Macro Case for Industrials (w/ Scott Davis)

The reason people worry, I think, is that they are not acknowledging some certain dangers and they feel it subconsciously. I know that there’s dangers, but I’m aware of them, and I look right at them. Nothing really keeps me up at night. I don’t really worry about stuff anymore.… Continue Reading Investing Like Sheep (w/ Jeff Gundlach) | Future Fears

I think one lesson is what happened right after breakfast was announced right after June 23rd 2016 where the immediate response was the Dow fell 600 points the pound suddenly looked like it was about to crash Everything looked like oh my god, we’ve hit, you know disaster again and… Continue Reading 🔴Fear And Politics Moving European Markets (w/Dr. Irene Finel-Honigman)

I always tell people to focus on what you know. And if you don’t know, just put it in an SPX cheap fund, right? And maybe, now, I might say, OK, put 5% in Bitcoin or Ethereum, just red or black, right? Because it’s like artwork, but it has– A… Continue Reading The FANG Stocks Will Crush Bitcoin (w/ Mark Cuban) | The Interview | Real Vision™

I trade options for a living and do it professionally, but I think– I really believe in it. I think having defined risk, having asymmetric payoffs, and reversing the order of traditional risk management, if you think about traditional– just take a CTA or a macro portfolio, the whole way… Continue Reading Using Options to Manage Risk (w/ Nancy Davis) | Expert View | Real Vision™

KYLE BASS: It’s probably going to be a political situation. I don’t care. I’d rather own US dollars tomorrow. I have friends that are some of the biggest art dealers in the world and they do these Art Basel shows, right. And there’s an Art Basel in Miami. There’s an… Continue Reading Capital Flight From Hong Kong (w/ Kyle Bass)