Hi, my name is Joaquin Vanschoren and this is a tutorial on querying the experiment database for machine learning. The experiment database is a large database which collects experiments with data mining algorithms. It runs them on different datasets, under different parameter settings and if I have a question I… Continue Reading Experiment Database for Machine Learning Tutorial – Graphical Querying

Automated data-driven systems increasingly make decisions that affect our lives. These systems often make use of machine learning and other artificial intelligence. And they make decisions like: Which advertisements or recommendations should be shown to each individual? Does a set of medical images indicate that an individual has cancer? How… Continue Reading Machine learning research in the College of Engineering

Narrator In the grand scheme of Feeding America, tools in the field are fundamental. They make the difference between profit and loss; shortage or surplus. But today, researchers are mixing brains with brawn in the new machinery of agriculture. The future is now, and it’s the beginning of the robot… Continue Reading Robot Farm

Talking ketamine today because it was recently approved by the FDA as a legitimate treatment for depression that is exactly what happened Janssen pharmaceuticals which is a division of Johnson & Johnson patented one of the enantiomers of ketamine so every molecule can exist in a left forum or a… Continue Reading #Ketamine to treat #depression: the neuroscience w/Professor Peggy Mason & Aaron Freeman

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute Papers with Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. We have recently witnessed the emergence of neural network-based techniques that are able to synthesize all sorts of images. Our previous episode was about NVIDIA’s algorithm that created high resolution images of imaginary celebrities that was a really cool… Continue Reading Terrain Generation With Deep Learning | Two Minute Papers #208

So I think what’s really fascinating is that there have been a number of recent studies looking at brain structural differences between liberals and conservatives. And what’s been found in several studies is that liberals tend to have a larger anterior cingulate gyrus. That is an area that is responsible… Continue Reading Liberal vs. Conservative: A Neuroscientific Analysis with Gail Saltz

[MUSIC] Clinical research as a whole is extremely important to keeping the health care system up to date because unless procedures are constantly assessed, doctors don’t really know what they’re doing, right or wrong. I’m Kristin Knutzen, Middlebury class of 2016. So last summer I did an internship with the… Continue Reading Neuroscience Major Kristin Knutzen Presents Research at Posters on the Hill

I’m Shoji Takeuchi from The University of Tokyo working at the Institute for Industrial Science This is a very small robot of only a few centimeters The first motivation to make a biohybrid robot was from the scientific fictions This is the body of the skeleton for the biohybrid robot… Continue Reading Rise of the biohybrid robots