Welcome to this unit to Vision Basics in ROS part two follow a line so in previous unit you learned the like the very very basics of blob tracking so in this unit you do similar block tracking but using now OpenCV and learning the basics of using OpenCV in… Continue Reading [ROS Tutorials] ROS Perception Unit2# Follow Line with OpenCV (Python)

With rising labor costs and increasing service expectations, the demand for robotic systems in unstructured environments like Warehouses, Hotels, & Hospitals is becoming increasingly urgent. Since machine intelligence is probabilistic, even the most reliable autonomous systems may have failure rates over 5%. The resulting downtime is time consuming and expensive.… Continue Reading Cognicept Explained

Hong Kong, China Say hello to Han… …and he might just say hello back. That’s because Han is an advanced humanoid robot… …capable of holding conversations with people… …and reacting with 40 motors that control his facial expressions. “”So Han’s really exciting because not only can he generate very realistic… Continue Reading Humanoid Robot Head Thinks And Talks Independently

hi and welcome to this last unit of this course in perception for ROS in Robot Ignite Academy platform in this unit we are – we are going to talk about people tracking so people tracking is a very important skill for robots that interact with people especially in public… Continue Reading [ROS Tutorials] ROS Perception #Unit6: People Tracking

hi and welcome to this unit three flat surface and object recognition of this course perception for us in Robot Ignite so first of all and thank you for your support if if you like the videos please leave a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to know more… Continue Reading [ROS Tutorials] ROS Perception #Unit3: Object Recognition and flat surfaces

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Look in the news right now and all you’ll hear about is AI AI is basically the ability of a computer programmer or machine to think and learn for itself there are three types of AI artificial narrow intelligence artificial general intelligence and the best of all and most powerful… Continue Reading This Is The Creepiest AI Robot

We’re about to meet some mixed up robots! [barking] Can you figure out who they are? Let’s do this! Let’s start with this robot! He’s the fastest monster truck on the road! Can you guess who it is in robot mode? It’s Blaze! I’m Robot Blaze! Here’s another one. He’s… Continue Reading Mixed-Up Robots 🤖 w/ Blaze, Botasaur, Robo-Dog & Bot | Nick Jr.

Jimmy is coming to pick-up his friend Bradley for the best party of there lives! “It’s the party we couldn’t missed there will be Janie and Suzy who will come without their prostheses But he will make a strange discovery…” Axel Stone in “What the hell is going on…” Magnatron… Continue Reading MAGNATRON – Le Robot Tueur [Trailer]

Welcome to Stupid Robot Fighting League I’m your host John Espin for today’s fight at the Te Puke A&P show between two local Te Puke businesses. On the Left we have Hamish Olesen from Olesen Accountants fighting with their Stupid Robot The Numerator. Hamish built the numerator with his two… Continue Reading The Accountant Fights the Mechanic | Stupid Robot Fighting League