Researchers at Vanderbilt University developed an app that analyzes shockwaves from bullets to determine the location of snipers. And a belgian designer has created smart, polymer furniture that’s self-assembling, and grows like popcorn. Vsauce! Kevin here. This is Mind Blow. SOINN is an artificial brain that can now use the… Continue Reading Artificial Brain Uses Internet? — Mind Blow #63

The three Problems of Robotics (by Burakov). 1. The technology of walking. 2. Artificial intelligence. 3. Autonomous power source. There are three main problems on the way to likening humanoid robots to people or for the full-fledged work of androids for people today. Humanity will reach either general welfare, when… Continue Reading The Three Problems of Robotics

“It was, I saw him and I was like, is that something that cleans the floor? Or no. And I saw the google eyes and thought ‘that’s pretty nifty.’” “Many times people are ambivalent to him and just walk right by. And then there’s a large majority of people that… Continue Reading Marty the robot rolls through the Giant Food Store

Greetings Professor Falken, Shall we play a game? Machine learning, neural networks and deep learning are all buzzwords in AI circles. But essentially they’re all referring to the attempt to teach a computer to recognize a dog in any photo, or translate a language in real time, or… lots of… Continue Reading What Happens If We Give A.I. The Ability To Remember Everything?

Self-driving cars are no longer just the stuff of science fiction. Increasingly, they’re becoming a reality. For the last several years,a lot of ambitious people have been testing self-driving, autonomous vehicles and if they ever become mainstream, their promise is better controlled and less deadly roadways. An autonomous car, also… Continue Reading Autonomous Cars and Artificial Intelligence

AI Planners are used in the generation of action sequences in robots such as the Freddy 2 Hand/Eye Assembly Robot displayed here in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. This version of Freddy from four decades ago had a large, fixed mounted arm with sophisticated touch sensitive grippers, and… Continue Reading AI Planning for Robots

Hi. I’m Matti Sarén. I’m working in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences as a Principal and as a CEO. Before I started in this position, I worked both in the private sector, and also in different listed companies. I was operating there with Aritificial Intelligence, creating data-intensive platforms, and executing… Continue Reading Kajaani University’s CEO Matti Sarén tells about Artificial Intelligence and Education (FIN/ENG SUB)

Hi everyone! Welcome to the new Seeker Elements set. We’re still going to be covering all of the mind bogglingly awesome discoveries in the science and tech world, we’ve just got a fun new way to do it. And what better way to kick things off then with an update… Continue Reading Neural Networks: How Do Robots Teach Themselves?