– Hi everyone. I’m Priya Natarajan; I am the current director of the Franke Program in Science and the Humanities, and I would like to give a warm welcome to our first talk of the academic year. Our talk today is part of the continuing series on mapping and knowing,… Continue Reading Mapping the Frontier between Man and Machine

Hong Kong, China Say hello to Han… …and he might just say hello back. That’s because Han is an advanced humanoid robot… …capable of holding conversations with people… …and reacting with 40 motors that control his facial expressions. “”So Han’s really exciting because not only can he generate very realistic… Continue Reading Humanoid Robot Head Thinks And Talks Independently

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We’re about to meet some mixed up robots! [barking] Can you figure out who they are? Let’s do this! Let’s start with this robot! He’s the fastest monster truck on the road! Can you guess who it is in robot mode? It’s Blaze! I’m Robot Blaze! Here’s another one. He’s… Continue Reading Mixed-Up Robots 🤖 w/ Blaze, Botasaur, Robo-Dog & Bot | Nick Jr.

Translator: Ivana Korom Reviewer: Camille Martínez Many of us here use technology in our day-to-day. And some of us rely on technology to do our jobs. For a while, I thought of machines and the technologies that drive them as perfect tools that could make my work more efficient and… Continue Reading Why I draw with robots | Sougwen Chung

Vendor, the potatoes cost how much? What about tomatoes? Yes, give me tomatoes. My gold chain. My chain. Give it. Tell me, where is my chain? Aunty, he is Chadha uncle, he hasn’t snatched your chain. He was buying the veggies here. He is a very honest person. Then who… Continue Reading Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Sabse bada muqabla | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

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Boss what is this? This is Robot ten , ten headed robot , his ten heads have ten brains and strength. It releases fire, water, smoke, stones, one lighting, laser beams, storm, oil, ice, flash lights. Meow! You are genius boss. She is right boss she is right. Just on… Continue Reading Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs Robo ten | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

I’m going to be honest, I’m a doubter of the automation apocalypse theories. For one thing we don’t see it in the data, we actually have quite good productivity data, we know if we’re making more things with fewer or the same number of people and while it is true… Continue Reading Automation apocalypse: Too many robots? More like not enough. | Ezra Klein | Big Think

[Captions by Y Translator] Today’s video is sponsored by Anki. Today, we’re going to be playing with, and talking a little bit about the vector robot made by Anki. [Music] Guys, I’m Nate. I’m Calli. And this is Vector. He is our new pet robot. I love him. Vector is… Continue Reading A.I. Robots are in the House!