Five little Robots jumping in the spaceship One fell off and bumped his head.. The mamma called the doctor and the doctor said No more Robots jumping in the spaceship Four little Robots jumping in the spaceship One fell off and bumped his head.. The mamma called the doctor and… Continue Reading Five Little Robots | Cartoon Videos For Kids | Kindergarten Nursery Rhymes

Timbaktoon, you are useless. Eeverytime I send you to destroy Vir but each time you fail and come back. He is useless boss. Ok, if I am useless then you go and finish Vir. Huh! Boss has never sent me to do that, otherwise it’s my left paws game to… Continue Reading Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Vir vs cat mona | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

DAVID LANG:A few years ago, I had this big epiphany.How do we shiftfrom just something we’re building togetherto all of these ways that we could be exploring together?We’re building the largest ocean observation networkin the world and we’re doing it with other people.It’s powered by citizens.So I’m gonna start my… Continue Reading This Low-Cost Robot Can Help You Explore the Ocean | Nat Geo Live

Translator: Timothy Covell Reviewer: Morton Bast So just by a show of hands, how many of you all have a robot at home? Not very many of you. Okay. And actually of those hands, if you don’t include Roomba how many of you have a robot at home? So a… Continue Reading Keller Rinaudo: A mini robot — powered by your phone

So today, we’re going to play a pretty cool game called mass Exodus. its a game I uh.. played a lot over Christmas with one my friends it’s a Asymmetrical multiplayer game meaning that one person is going to be in the headset the other person is going to be… Continue Reading Robot Factory Escape In VR! – Mass Exodus

Narrator In the grand scheme of Feeding America, tools in the field are fundamental. They make the difference between profit and loss; shortage or surplus. But today, researchers are mixing brains with brawn in the new machinery of agriculture. The future is now, and it’s the beginning of the robot… Continue Reading Robot Farm

Wow, this robot is so cool! I wish I had a friend like this. I could travel all over the world. and try And try all the candies that exist in the world! And soda. Sam? What? Why did you throw this can in here? Er… because it’s empty. No,… Continue Reading SODA CAN ROBOT vs. SLIME SAM

See my amazing skills. come on Imli, now you rotate the top and show!!! Vir go away from here and play Cant you see we have bought new car, and you are spoiling our car with dust. My car!!!! Uncle these are all shooting stars, It seems like a big… Continue Reading Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon movies For Kids | ViR ek Rakshak | Animated movies| Wow Kidz