Welcome to this unit to Vision Basics in ROS part two follow a line so in previous unit you learned the like the very very basics of blob tracking so in this unit you do similar block tracking but using now OpenCV and learning the basics of using OpenCV in… Continue Reading [ROS Tutorials] ROS Perception Unit2# Follow Line with OpenCV (Python)

hi and welcome to this last unit of this course in perception for ROS in Robot Ignite Academy platform in this unit we are – we are going to talk about people tracking so people tracking is a very important skill for robots that interact with people especially in public… Continue Reading [ROS Tutorials] ROS Perception #Unit6: People Tracking

hi and welcome to this unit three flat surface and object recognition of this course perception for us in Robot Ignite so first of all and thank you for your support if if you like the videos please leave a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to know more… Continue Reading [ROS Tutorials] ROS Perception #Unit3: Object Recognition and flat surfaces

This is the CamJam Edukit #3, a super-cheap, build-your-own robotics kit. It is the basis of the new robot series I’m creating meant for adults and kids alike who want an easy introduction to professional robotics without needing to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars. In fact, all… Continue Reading Your first robot, part 1: A beginner’s guide to ROS and Ubuntu Core

Hello my name is Marco Arruda welcome to this ROS video tutorial actually this video is the first part of a series of videos and I’m calling it exploring ROS using a two wheels robot okay so for this first video I’m going to start explaining what this is gonna… Continue Reading [Exploring ROS using a 2 Wheeled Robot] #1: Basics of Robot Modeling using URDF

At Erle Robotics we love drones and we’ve been working on the over the last years here (Norway) here (South Korea) and also here (Spain), and in all these places we found that drone platforms are actually black boxes, not meant to be used for development or learning software is… Continue Reading Erle Robot – Robot Launch 2014

what is ROS. ROS stays for Robot Operating System and it’s not a real operating system is more like an environment The big strength of ROS is this ability of connecting nodes together Nodes are pieces of software that can be written in C++, Python that is my favorite and… Continue Reading What is ROS (Robot Operating System)| Introduction to the Tutorials

the robot takes about 20 minutes to build a birdhouse right now I would say that kids also probably take around this time frame so currently in factories all over the world manufacturing is done using a fixed automation model many extremely precise and very expensive robots are used in… Continue Reading Project Birdhouse: Autonomous Robotic Assembly : Robot with a Nailgun!