Imagine if a business, could take their expert’s knowledge, And turn it into machine intelligence. Intelligence, that replicates human reasoning. Except 100 times faster. 25% more accurate. And with a perfect audit trail transparent and easily explained. Now imagine you could do all this with no coding experience. And automate… Continue Reading Rainbird intelligent automation explained

Hi! Welcome to this step-by-step tutorial on how to send emails from your Gmail account to leads you have on In order to get started, please make sure that you have an account on Zapier, and Gmail. Click on ‘make a Zap’, and select your trigger app. In… Continue Reading Send automated emails to your leads

Welcome to Hacker Noon’s Top Articles, where I read the top articles from Hacker Noon’s contributing authors. My name is Derek Bernard Thanks for tuning in. Today, I’m reading an article by Cassie Kozyrkov Kozyrkov called “Why Businesses Fail at Machine Learning”. Cassie is chief decision scientist at Google; according… Continue Reading Top Articles – Cassie Kozyrkov – Why Businesses Fail At Machine Learning

HR controls a lot of workflow around bringing employees into the organization and taking them out of the organization. Even though your IT team is still controlling access their leveraging the integrity of your HR system to bring that information in and push it out to the third party applications… Continue Reading Implementation Showcase: HR-Driven Identity Automation

– [Narrator] In this episode, we interview Puneet Mehta, founder and CEO of Netomi. They’re a machine intelligence company that uses AI to turn customer service into a competitive edges. Puneet spent much of his career as a tech entrepreneur, as well as on Wall Street building trading AI. His… Continue Reading Saving Customers & Agents Time with AI: Puneet Mehta at Netomi

This is Bob. Bob has just acquired a new customer for your organization and now needs to set up a collaboration space for his team, but he’s not sure what type of space to request. Normally, Bob would contact IT to get the space created causing a delay for his… Continue Reading SharePoint Provisioning with DocAve Governance Automation

In this video, we cover the basics of the Automated Test Framework, or ATF. Linked time codes for these topics appear in the YouTube description for this video. The ATF provides you with the tools to create and run automated tests on your ServiceNow non-production instance. When you upgrade or modify an… Continue Reading Getting Started with the Automated Test Framework (ATF)

(upbeat music) – Cloosiv is an app that lets you order ahead for coffee and snacks from independent coffee shops. So it’s effectively the Starbucks app, but for everyone else. – Why do you need that? Why do independent companies need this? – Starbucks actually has the most used payment… Continue Reading Cloosiv is an app that lets you order ahead at your favorite coffee shops

What if you could change the way your self-service channel handles your “on us” customers, giving them special treatment and more advanced self-service capabilities? What if, instead of going to the network for authorization for every transaction incurring interchange fees, your self-service devices were smart enough to separate “on us”… Continue Reading Enable New ATM Functionality with Vynamic™ Transaction Automation