How to Ace Multiple Choice Tests. Taking practice tests and knowing strategy are the keys to success with multiple choice tests. You will need Internet access or bookstores and practice multiple choice tests. Step 1. Locate multiple choice tests to practice with. Look on publisher sites, school sites, or in… Continue Reading How to Ace Multiple Choice Tests

one of my criticisms and other people’s criticisms of IQ test is that they have ignored what was been a revolution in the cognitive sciences in the past fifty or sixty years they understand a heck of a lot more about how your brain works about where in the brain… Continue Reading Is the IQ test behind the times?

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IQ tests in america had been around only since nineteen ten so in that seven or eight year period they had been quite successful they were already used in courts of law doctors were already using them they were used in %uh i would say hundreds of schools and school… Continue Reading IQ – WW1 and the IQ Test

Hey guys, I’m here with one of the most requested topics for Technicality ever, let’s get technical. I am a student. That’s pretty obvious, but, more specifically, I am in high school student, and, seeing that it’s now September, us high-schoolers, and really students all over are in full-on back… Continue Reading Is Standardized Testing Bad?