[Captions by Y Translator] Today’s video is sponsored by Anki. Today, we’re going to be playing with, and talking a little bit about the vector robot made by Anki. [Music] Guys, I’m Nate. I’m Calli. And this is Vector. He is our new pet robot. I love him. Vector is… Continue Reading A.I. Robots are in the House!

– Let’s say you wanna build and launch your own satellite. Well, you basically need to build a tiny hardened spaceship with a lot of sensitive robotic components that can function all on its own in the harsh environment of space. No problem, right? These instructions are not intuitive. Oh,… Continue Reading The era of satellite-repairing robots is here

[BACKGROUND MUSIC] This is Cozmo. He is a cute little robot with a big brain and an even bigger personality and was born to play. So, a couple of months ago, a company called Anki reach out asking if they could send me this little guy to see what I… Continue Reading This is Cozmo – The Robot

When you jump over a puddle, climb a tree, or play a game of basketball, you’re doing things that no robot can currently do. You’re outperforming the work of thousands of scientists, companies, and even governments. Now, for you and me, moving around’s really easy, but for a robot to… Continue Reading Humanoid Robot Brains (Science Out Loud S1 Ep2)

Welcome fellow sciencers! It is I, Aaron Freeman Chicago Brain Buddy and we have a new Chicago brain buddy we met right here at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting here in beautiful San Diego dr. Bob Shafer who is a shill for Lumosity but not brought but not merely… Continue Reading Lumosity Neuroscience?

What’s up everybody! Welcome back to my laboratory, where safety is number one priority. And today we’re going to try to grow giant bismuth crystals. Before I’ve made very very little bismuth crystals, so this time I’m going to try to make the biggest possible. And let’s see what way… Continue Reading How to Make Large Bismuth Crystals

– So this lights gonna go on and that’s gonna light up. – The anticipation. – There you go. Triggering. – I pushed a button. – [Intercom] Triggering. (beeping) (loud metal popping) – So what is that sound we just heard? That’s the sound of $150 million plasma collider, blasting… Continue Reading Can AI help crack the code of fusion power?