♪ I love it when you call me Big Data ♪ Welcome to the Dr. Data show! I’m Eric Siegel. Data science, big data, what the hell do these buzzwords really specifically mean? Are they just cockamamie? Intentionally vague jargon that overhypes and overpromises? Or are these terms actually helpful?… Continue Reading What the Heck Does “Data Science” Really Mean? The Dr. Data Show

sound recognition is the art and science of having machines identify sounds and these are sounds beyond speech and music so dogs barking glass being broken babies crying etc this in itself is a new academic discipline as well as a new industrial discipline so has many elements we understand… Continue Reading Sound Recognition – Computerphile

– One of the things that we’re working on building for utilities is better tools to predict power outages, and it turns out that one of the variables that’s really important for looking at the probability of power outages occurring is soil moisture. Soil moisture controls both vegetation health, so… Continue Reading Digging data from dirt

[MUSIC PLAYING] [SPEAKING IN FRENCH] [VOICES SPEAKING] [LAUGHTER] [COMPUTER NOISES] GEOFFREY HINTON: We come into this world with the innate abilities to learn to interact with other sentient beings. Suppose you had to interact with other people by writing little messages to them. It’d be a real pain. And that’s… Continue Reading Behind the Mic: The Science of Talking with Computers

let us now understand the waveform analysis of or- gate. here you can see this is the or- gate and this is the truth table of or- gate we have recently studied in the previous section. here you can see when either of, terminals ay and b are at high… Continue Reading 6. Class 12th Physics | Logic Gates | Waveform Analysis of OR Gate | by Ashish Arora

We’re about to meet some mixed up robots! [barking] Can you figure out who they are? Let’s do this! Let’s start with this robot! He’s the fastest monster truck on the road! Can you guess who it is in robot mode? It’s Blaze! I’m Robot Blaze! Here’s another one. He’s… Continue Reading Mixed-Up Robots 🤖 w/ Blaze, Botasaur, Robo-Dog & Bot | Nick Jr.

You’re looking at the world’s first “living” robots. That’s right, these micro-machines are in fact brand new programmable lifeforms that researchers believe could help clean microplastics from our oceans or even repair organs inside our bodies. So what exactly are these little things and should we expect to see them… Continue Reading Meet the Xenobot, the World’s First-Ever “Living” Robot

So we studied the brain process of free will. So what’s free will? Take an example from dinner, whether you want water, beer or wine, or whether you want chocolate for dessert. Compare this with involuntary actions like trembling or other movements, withdrawing the hand from a hot plate. What… Continue Reading Breathing may change your mind about free will

Hello everyone, and welcome to this first episode of the news of the AI. We will go through the news of the week of artificial intelligence together, and all in less than five minutes. Let’s start now ! The first big news is Amazon who are opening a store with… Continue Reading LES NEWS DE L’IA #1- Amazon, Deepmind, France is AI, Yoshua bengio, Open AI.