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– [Narrator] Is your building’s security system putting your tenants at risk? Trust is critical. You need to create physically and digitally safer environments for tenants and occupants around the world. With EcoStruxure Security Expert, your building’s security solutions are easily integrated with IT systems to improve the overall building… Continue Reading EcoStruxure Security Expert: Smart Building Security | Schneider Electric

[MUSIC]>>So we are Team 6. What we’re going to talk about is secure data aggregation for healthcare because everyone loves healthcare today. We’re all going to learn more about it. So what we are going to talk about is the issue of bias and fairness in diagnosis and admission rates… Continue Reading Private AI Bootcamp Competition: Team 6

– [Manu] Hello, and welcome to this video series on the Power BI Adoption Framework, which is about empowering every decision maker. I’m Manu. – [Paul] And I’m Paul. – [Manu] In this video, we’ll talk about user identity in Power BI. The first thing to note is that Power… Continue Reading Power BI Security: user identity | Power BI Adoption Framework

– Even just a few years ago, smart homes were not a thing. Or, they were, but you had to be a total nerd or super rich to have one. Now everything’s different. If you have an Amazon Echo, you have the beginning of a smart home. If you have… Continue Reading How to make a smart home for $200

– [Katherine] Tech companies have been easing us into gadgets and services that make use of virtual eyes and ears for a while now. Things that might have made us uncomfortable even a few years ago, are part of everyday life. Alexa listens for a request to turn on the… Continue Reading First Look at the AI Camera Systems at CES | WSJ

In 2016, it was calculated that nearly 250,000 people died from gun related injuries worldwide. In 2017, there were 346 instances of mass shootings in the United States alone. Regardless of your political opinion about whether guns should or should not be legal, one must admit that this gun related… Continue Reading Gun Detection – Defend with Powerful, Secure AI