[MUSIC PLAYING] What’s up, Pipedrivers? I’m James with Pipedrive. And in this webinar, we’re going to go over all the time-saving features that come with the Advanced plan. This means we’ll be talking about email sync, email tracking, and templates– all those fancier email related features– as well as workflow… Continue Reading Pipedrive Demo – Advanced Plan

There are three really good reasons to use a drip irrigation system in your garden. It will save you time, water and money. Using a drip irrigation system is far more efficient than using a hose pipe or a sprinkler system because it delivers water right to the base of… Continue Reading How to install an automated drip irrigation system video with Thompson & Morgan

Welcome to my channel check video description for english video I have also provided the links of devices I use at my home in the video description Also I provided the link of related videos as well Visit www.shikhavivek.com to know more about Home Automation and Smart Home Gadgets Don’t… Continue Reading Smart Home Products Demo Hindi: Home Automation Setup using Google Home, My स्मार्ट होम setup, India

[MUSIC PLAYING] Howdy, PipeDrivers– James here, again. And today, we’re going to show you how you can automatically schedule follow up activities using workflow automation. Why would we do this? Well, traditionally, what you may find yourself doing is agreeing with your team on a specific process that involves, for… Continue Reading Assign Activities Automatically – Workflow Automation – Pipedrive

CMMT-AS and Automation Suite Setting up Automation Suite Safety instructions Products and Software 01 Servo drive / 02 Servo motor / 03 Axial kit / 04 Toothed belt axis / 05 Motor cable / 06 Plug range Automation Suite V1.1.1.610 / Plugin CMMT V1.1.0.110 / Plugin CPX V1.1.0.108 / Codesys… Continue Reading CMMT-AS and Automation Suite: Setting up the Automation Suite

How’s is it going, Pipedrivers? This is James with Pipedrive and today we’re going to talk about workflow automation. Which is basically your key to saving yourself shiploads of time with everyday repetitive tasks. How would you like, for instance, to be able to have an email automatically sent to… Continue Reading Workflow Automation – CRM & Sales Automation to Save Time | Pipedrive