Welcome back, today I got a different sort of Stop-Motion video for you: A video straight from the state-of-the-art of AI research. If you’re a Stop-Motion animator, like me, you probably know the effort it takes to record movies at 30, let alone 60 frames per second. I personally stick… Continue Reading Boosting Stop Motion Animations to 60 fps using AI

[MUSIC PLAYING] What’s up, Pipedrivers? I’m James with Pipedrive. And in this webinar, we’re going to go over all the time-saving features that come with the Advanced plan. This means we’ll be talking about email sync, email tracking, and templates– all those fancier email related features– as well as workflow… Continue Reading Pipedrive Demo – Advanced Plan

Hello Welcome to UiPath Automation Pick up the Action Tools Insert the Get IBM Notes Mail Message Action Tools Type your mail Message Body For Break Line use to – Environment.Newline Tag Pick you attachment image for email Check your mail inbox box or Junk/Spam Running the program Insert Argument… Continue Reading How to do email automation in UiPath || Episode – 08 || Knowledge of RPA

How do we learn? Although times may change, some concepts stay the same. Unchanging, information outlasts the body. It’s stored in our brain, but can be passed down from generation to generation. Our brain is capable of synthesizing the diverse set of inputs we call our five senses, and from… Continue Reading How to Make a Neural Network – Intro to Deep Learning #2

Explainable AI is a series of techniques that are used to build trust in artificial intelligence products. Machine learning teaches algorithms how to learn without needing to program them for specific tasks. The problem is that many algorithms are known as black boxes, which means that their consumers and creators… Continue Reading Explainable AI by Lauren Maffeo – GetApp

Hi everyone, Grant for the Flame Learning Channel. With the release of Flame 2020… A whole range of new technology… has been integrated into the Flame products. This is in the form of machine learning… Which uses trained artificial intelligence… to analyse an image and compute a variety data… That… Continue Reading Machine Learning – Part 1 – The Z-Depth Generator – Flame 2020

My name is Jerod Johnson, I’m a Technology Evangelist for CData Software. CData Software is a leading provider of data connectivity solutions. In short, we provide SQL access to more than 150 SaaS, big data, and NoSQL sources. So, we let you see the world as if it were a… Continue Reading Bold BI and CData Cloud Hub: A Match Made in the Cloud

Inside this advanced foundry, biologists, software engineers, and a fleet of automated robots are working side by side to crank up the speed of nature. They’re taking synthetic DNA, remixing it and programming microorganisms, turning these living samples into mini-factories that could one day pump out new foods, fuels, and… Continue Reading This Synthetic DNA Factory Is Building New Forms of Life

Hey guys, it’s John from John’s DIY Playground. In my first Moteino introduction, we showed you about the different types of Moteinos, today we’ll assumed that you’ve bought one and and I’m going to show you how to put it together. So stay tuned and we’ll go through the steps… Continue Reading Moteino home automation part 2 of 3: Assembling the device

Hey guys! It’s John, from John’s DIY Playground. Today I want to show you some Moteinos. I use them in my home automation system, but you can use them for different types of programs where you want to have 2-way communication. It’s a really nice device. It’s Arduino based and… Continue Reading Moteino home automation part 1 of 3: What is Moteino?