hi I’m Lane Mendelsohn I’m here with our good friend Larry Williams at his house in the US Virgin Islands and we’re talking about all the success stories that the vantage point customers have had by combining the vantage point artificial intelligence indicators with the layer William’s private stock indicators… Continue Reading VantagePoint AI | Larry Williams discusses exclusive VantagePoint ai trading indicators

the software that I’m running is a software that I wrote you know we we just got commands that move the camera and tell it to like pan right or pan left mine’s the face there’s a few lines of code that will zoom in on the face and send… Continue Reading The First Artificially Intelligent Surveillance Camera

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So, when we speak about AI, It seems like there are two key definitions, two keywords One is autonomy and the other one is adaptivity. How would you describe those? I know you have a good example. These are really two keywords I will try to explain it with a… Continue Reading Webinar: AI in healthcare – The water boiler example

A recent Intel survey found that 54% of participants expect widespread adoption of artificial intelligence within the next five years. Which means that by 2023, AI will be entrenched in the global community– in hospitals, on roads, the economy, and the stock market. So why is this technology so scary… Continue Reading Why are People So Scared of Artificial Intelligence? | AI News | Intel Software

Chris Anderson: Help us understand what machine learning is, because that seems to be the key driver of so much of the excitement and also of the concern around artificial intelligence. How does machine learning work? Sebastian Thrun: So, artificial intelligence and machine learning is about 60 years old and… Continue Reading What AI is — and isn’t | Sebastian Thrun and Chris Anderson

welcome to business reporters digital transformation campaign I’m Rachel Hicks with Amazon Facebook and Google having developed into gigantic centralized databases appetite for decentralization and undoing the network effect is growing somewhat paradoxically though there seems to be a case for large enterprise investors and SMEs to join ranks and… Continue Reading Fabio Zoffi for Business Reporter – Artificial Intelligence to optimise any business

Trees don’t have brains. Why don’t they have brains? Well the reason, people think—biologists, neuroscientists, you know, colleagues of mine— is that the purpose of the brain is actually movement. So if you look across biology, systems that have brains are the ones that need to act on the world.… Continue Reading Science at Uber: Applying Artificial Intelligence at Uber

– What is up people, Dunna here. And today we’re gonna try and be as lazy as humanly possible. Sounds pretty good, right? (intense modern music plays) Recently someone reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try this piece of software called Gemia. Maybe it’s Gem-ia. Aunt… Continue Reading CAN ROBOTS EDIT PHOTOS?! – Artificial Intelligence Photo Editing

Hello world, it’s Siraj, and today we’re going to do some GPU programming to add the elements of two arrays together Sounds super simple, I know, but it will be a way for us to introduce ourselves to the key concepts that make up the incredible world of parallel computing… Continue Reading An Introduction to GPU Programming with CUDA