The Chinese Communist Party is great… At spying on people. And not just inside China… but also in America. Welcome back to China Uncensored. I’m Chris Chappell. The Chinese Communist Party has an extensive network of spies. And over the last two decades, the Party has rapidly developed its espionage… Continue Reading How China’s Spies Became World-Class

One of the largest tech companies in the world is getting blacklisted by the United States. On May 16th, Huawei was added to the Commerce Department’s Entity List, which restricts it from doing business with any US company without explicit government approval. There’s a small carve-out for maintaining phones that… Continue Reading The Huawei ban is MUCH bigger than you think

What is automation? It’s essentially technology in the workforce. And as this technology enters the workforce — as, essentially, employers hire robots — what is the social impact? In an effort to answer some of these questions, I decided to hit the road across a swath of the Midwest. The… Continue Reading Robot-Proof Jobs with David Brancaccio

A 2015 study reported that 500 of the largest American companies held more than 2 trillion dollars overseas to escape corporate taxes. This represents a $600 billion dollars loss in tax revenue for the United States. But while tax rates are high in the US, around the world they are… Continue Reading Which Countries Have The Highest Taxes?

KYLE BASS: It’s probably going to be a political situation. I don’t care. I’d rather own US dollars tomorrow. I have friends that are some of the biggest art dealers in the world and they do these Art Basel shows, right. And there’s an Art Basel in Miami. There’s an… Continue Reading Capital Flight From Hong Kong (w/ Kyle Bass)