Welcome to this unit to Vision Basics in ROS part two follow a line so in previous unit you learned the like the very very basics of blob tracking so in this unit you do similar block tracking but using now OpenCV and learning the basics of using OpenCV in… Continue Reading [ROS Tutorials] ROS Perception Unit2# Follow Line with OpenCV (Python)

hi and welcome to this last unit of this course in perception for ROS in Robot Ignite Academy platform in this unit we are – we are going to talk about people tracking so people tracking is a very important skill for robots that interact with people especially in public… Continue Reading [ROS Tutorials] ROS Perception #Unit6: People Tracking

hi and welcome to this unit three flat surface and object recognition of this course perception for us in Robot Ignite so first of all and thank you for your support if if you like the videos please leave a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to know more… Continue Reading [ROS Tutorials] ROS Perception #Unit3: Object Recognition and flat surfaces

[MUSIC PLAYING] This is a quadrotor. It’s called a quadrotor because it has four propellers that spin and generate thrust. More on that in a second. This is the pilot controlling the vehicle with a radio transmitter. That’s pretty neat. But if we take a short trip across the street–… Continue Reading Indoor Flying Robots

I have very strong feelings about a future in which robots become the kind of conversational agent that pretend to have emotional lives. Shortly after I finished we can make reclaiming conversation I was interviewed for an article in the New York Times about Hello Barbie. So Hello Barbie comes… Continue Reading A.I. Can Pretend to Love Us, but is that Dangerous for Children? With Sherry Turkle

>>Male Newscaster: The video was posted on MySpace by [inaudible]. This assault occurred in North Babylon, New York. The victim apparently just twelve years old. Her attackers are fourteen year old ninth graders…>>Male caller: A student with a gun at the [inaudible] Academy.>>Female 911 Operator: Okay, where’s the student at?>>Female… Continue Reading Smart Hearts: Social and Emotional Learning Overview

>>Milo: Which one shows me looking sad?>>Krista Stephens: Milo is a humanoid robot that is specifically designed to work with students with autism. He can make a sad face, he can make a grimace, he can make a surprised face. He does that so that the student can look and… Continue Reading Say Hi to Milo, the Autism Robot

Fear, fear need to be challenged every day and step of they way. If you watched my previous videos, you have seen me talk about my own fear. And on this channel I use freerun as both a tool and as an analogy to overcome it. It’s far from the… Continue Reading Neuroscience of Fear