okay so what we’re going to do right now is create a connection request off of the platform of you space so this is like connecting with someone you know who is not on you space we’re going to use a dummy email address so that now sends that email… Continue Reading Library Tutorial 01: Connect w. someone off USpace, create account/setup profile, one to one message

– All right, let’s try this, oh my gosh. Oh shit! (laughs) This is not supposed to happen. It’ll be fine. Everything will be fine. Oh, we’re doomed. (beeping) (upbeat music) Hey guys, how are you all doing? Really, that’s just great. You know, I’m not actually doing so great… Continue Reading Macintosh Color Classic Logic Board Swap – Krazy Ken’s Tech Misadventures

We’re about to meet some mixed up robots! [barking] Can you figure out who they are? Let’s do this! Let’s start with this robot! He’s the fastest monster truck on the road! Can you guess who it is in robot mode? It’s Blaze! I’m Robot Blaze! Here’s another one. He’s… Continue Reading Mixed-Up Robots 🤖 w/ Blaze, Botasaur, Robo-Dog & Bot | Nick Jr.

Hello, I’m Nicholas Thompson. I’m the editor at Wired and this is Tech in 60 seconds. Let’s go. We don’t know. He wrote a short Instagram post and said he was gonna do it. It is a ton of money, though. It would be more spent on climate change than… Continue Reading Nicholas Thompson on Bezos’ climate change pledge; Europe/AI; copy-paste | Tech in :60 | GZERO Media

Hi there! In this video we’re going to build something that everybody needs: an AI powered bull**** detector. And we can split it up into two parts: First we’re going to build a physical container and sort out our electronics and then we’re going to train an AI to detect… Continue Reading AI Powered Bull**** Detector

Hi everyone! I want to introduce you to Bert the walking monster robot. So Bert is made out of all kinds of laser-cut parts. His feet, his legs, all these parts in between. Those are all the laser-cut. He also has four servos, based here at his feet and here… Continue Reading Bert, the walking monster robot

Hi there, new video that means a new project and this one is all about AI. I’ve noticed that recently AI is hot, buzzy and the thing to be, but it’s always used in a very business-y, serious context and that’s what I want to change! So I went snooping… Continue Reading Barbara: the talking AI Camera

(dramatic music) – I was really impressed by the presentation from Amy Heineike from Primer AI. Her work to put female scientists on Wikipedia is just so empowering. Because, as a podcast host, we go to places like Wikipedia to find scientists and to find experts that we wanna feature… Continue Reading WIT Symposium 2019: The Future of AI

What if I told you that everything that you are listening to, and seeing right now was in part, designed using AI? That’s the topic of today’s show. I’m Sebastien Perez from The Digital Acid. And we’ve got another trippy episode for you today. So what are we talking about?… Continue Reading AI EXPOSES FAKES