This is Neo Mohsenvand. He’s a scientist who constantly records his life. It sums up to 18 hundred hours of video. But it’s not just video, he’s also recording his feelings – using these devices, which he wears every day. He calls it Mnemo and he thinks it will one… Continue Reading Wearable technology that records memories

So today, we’re going to play a pretty cool game called mass Exodus. its a game I uh.. played a lot over Christmas with one my friends it’s a Asymmetrical multiplayer game meaning that one person is going to be in the headset the other person is going to be… Continue Reading Robot Factory Escape In VR! – Mass Exodus

What’s up guys, Ben here from Authentech and today we’re checking out the s5 robot vacuum from Roborock now I previously reviewed the Xiaomi Mi Vac and that thing was fantastic the manufacturer of that robot back was actually Roborock so now they’re back with an upgraded new and improved… Continue Reading SWEEP + MOP Robot Vacuum! Roborock S5 REVIEW (2nd Gen Xiaomi Mi Vac)

So I received this really fancy looking box from the folks at Dyson they claim to have the next innovative thing in vacuuming But this one is obviously different, You can tell from the box and the scale of it. *knocking* Ooooh! The 26th Dyson 360 Eye to enter the… Continue Reading The Most Futuristic Robotic Vacuum

(upbeat music) – Getting smart home technology for a home of the future has never been easier. There are smart versions of just about every household item. Smart lights, smart speakers, even a smart refrigerator. But connecting them all together to make a truly smarter home can be a nightmare.… Continue Reading Designing the brain of the Home of the Future with Grant Imahara

So the first robot to talk about is called STriDER. It stands for Self-excited Tripedal Dynamic Experimental Robot. It’s a robot that has three legs, which is inspired by nature. But have you seen anything in nature, an animal that has three legs? Probably not. So why do I call… Continue Reading Dennis Hong: My 7 species of robot

patek is an up-and-coming niche market here in South Korea’s rapidly expanding technology sector and numerous gadgets hitting the shelves here not only spend time with people’s pets but also feed and even protect them when their owners are not around virtuoso min has the story two-year-old pop loco has… Continue Reading S. Korea’s growing pet-tech industry taking nation by storm

– [Narrator] In this episode, we interview Puneet Mehta, founder and CEO of Netomi. They’re a machine intelligence company that uses AI to turn customer service into a competitive edges. Puneet spent much of his career as a tech entrepreneur, as well as on Wall Street building trading AI. His… Continue Reading Saving Customers & Agents Time with AI: Puneet Mehta at Netomi

I’ve been on a quest. A quest for the perfect smart home platform. Something that can bridge the gap between Z-Wave, Zigbee, and WiFi smart home devices. Something that’s platform agnostic and can work with Google, Amazon, and Apple. Something easy to use and yet highly customizable. And even more… Continue Reading Smart Home Hub – Hubitat Review