Inside this advanced foundry, biologists, software engineers, and a fleet of automated robots are working side by side to crank up the speed of nature. They’re taking synthetic DNA, remixing it and programming microorganisms, turning these living samples into mini-factories that could one day pump out new foods, fuels, and… Continue Reading This Synthetic DNA Factory Is Building New Forms of Life

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Wireless sensoring systems Innovative technology for full automation

>>Vijay Kumar: So unmanned aerial vehicles. We’ve been working on this for about 15 years now, and I want to show you this picture which illustrates the number of unmanned aerial vehicles and how it’s grown over the years. This is a picture in 2010, and the smaller vehicles that… Continue Reading Swarms of Aerial Robots – AMNH SciCafe

our feelings are often hard to describe or quantify as they’re a subjective state of being but with artificial intelligence continue to evolve in an ever rapid pace scientists are working on state-of-the-art treatments that can improve our emotional well-being using these machine learning deep learning artificial intelligence our Oh… Continue Reading AI growing in emotional intelligence, helping diagnose mental disorders…

the number of elderly people around the world is expected to double by the year 2050 so to keep them company and look after them artificial intelligence is helping to Train social robots ears are also young with part two of our special series on AI if you can’t remember… Continue Reading AI training robots to find lost keys, look after the elderly

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This morning I went to visit Intuition Robotics, my old team, in their Ramat Gan headquarters (laughs). Goof used to come with me to work everyday, it was super fun for the both of us. I had a great time making this video, it was super fun to see everyone… Continue Reading This Age-Tech startup created ElliQ, a social robot that was developed with and for older adults