Translator: Ellen Maloney Reviewer: Denise RQ Ladies and gentlemen, you have to be, as a pale, stale, frail male, very courageous or very stupid to do a talk like this on this topic. The question is “sex differences in anything”, but “sex differences in intelligence”. Well, we know, from masses… Continue Reading Debunking the myth that intelligence is gender-based | Adrian Furnham | TEDxUCLWomen

I love a great mystery, and I’m fascinated by the greatest unsolved mystery in science, perhaps because it’s personal. It’s about who we are, and I can’t help but be curious. The mystery is this: What is the relationship between your brain and your conscious experiences, such as your experience… Continue Reading Do we see reality as it is? | Donald Hoffman

Translator: Leslie Gauthier Reviewer: Camille Martínez I’m going to talk a little bit about where technology’s going. And often technology comes to us, we’re surprised by what it brings. But there’s actually a large aspect of technology that’s much more predictable, and that’s because technological systems of all sorts have… Continue Reading How AI can bring on a second Industrial Revolution | Kevin Kelly

Earlier this month I gave a talk at Business Insider’s ignition conference and called for the breakup of big tech. The power and influence of Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Google has resulted in market failure and an economy that is unable to do its job – create and sustain a… Continue Reading It’s Time: Break Up Big Tech

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo So this is a hotel room, kind of like the one I’m staying in. I get bored sometimes. A room like this has not a lot to offer for entertainment. But for a hacker, it gets a little interesting because that television is… Continue Reading Top hacker shows us how it’s done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest

Translator: Gabriel Falcão Reviewer: Ilze Garda Hello! Hi, thank you very much. I’m here today to share with you my big idea, and my idea is that it is possible for us to build a bridge, to build a bridge instead of walls between people. And we can do that… Continue Reading We can build a bridge: Cindy Wigglesworth at TEDxSonomaCounty

Translator: Gustavo Rocha Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo Hear that? That’s nothing. Which is what I, as a speaker at today’s conference, have for you all. I have nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zippo. Nothing smart. Nothing inspirational. Nothing even remotely researched at all. I have absolutely nothing to say whatsoever. And… Continue Reading How to sound smart in your TEDx Talk | Will Stephen | TEDxNewYork

When I was a kid, I was the quintessential nerd. I think some of you were, too. (Laughter) And you, sir, who laughed the loudest, you probably still are. (Laughter) I grew up in a small town in the dusty plains of north Texas, the son of a sheriff who… Continue Reading Don’t fear superintelligent AI | Grady Booch

Translator: asma youssef Reviewer: Denise RQ What do you think is the key to achieve our goals, our success? Some people suggest things like hard work, focus, persistence. But research shows these are all by-products of something else, something much more powerful that we can all develop. It is this… Continue Reading The Power of belief — mindset and success | Eduardo Briceno | TEDxManhattanBeach

What do you think when you look at me? A woman of faith? An expert? Maybe even a sister. Or oppressed, brainwashed, a terrorist. Or just an airport security line delay. That one’s actually true. (Laughter) If some of your perceptions were negative, I don’t really blame you. That’s just… Continue Reading What it’s like to be a Muslim in America | Dalia Mogahed