So the first robot to talk about is called STriDER. It stands for Self-excited Tripedal Dynamic Experimental Robot. It’s a robot that has three legs, which is inspired by nature. But have you seen anything in nature, an animal that has three legs? Probably not. So why do I call… Continue Reading Dennis Hong: My 7 species of robot

Here’s the normal pattern of dopamine release. It looks something like a roller coaster because in biology, ‘what goes up must come down’. It could be food, sex, even water when you’re thirsty. So let’s say, you’re starting to get hungry. Well that causes dopamine to start rising and then… Continue Reading Part 4: Dopamine: The Molecule of Addiction | Your Brain on Porn | Animated Series

Translator: Nadine Hennig Reviewer: Denise RQ Now, in true spirit of TED, I will not go to space, but I will go through hell because I know we prepared a live demonstration of a teleoperation of a robotic system that is located in the Netherlands more than 500 kilometers away.… Continue Reading An exoskeleton to remote-control a robot | André Schiele | TEDxRheinMain

Translator: Tijana Mihajlović Reviewer: Mile Živković I grew up moving all over the place. By the time I’d hit 10th grade, I’d lived in 10 different places. Math is extraordinarily sequential. By the time I’d hit 3rd grade, I’d fallen off the math bandwagon. Basically, I flunked my way through… Continue Reading Learning how to learn | Barbara Oakley | TEDxOaklandUniversity

How does this music make you feel? Do you find it beautiful? Is it creative? Now, would you change your answers if you learned the composer was this robot? Believe it or not, people have been grappling with the question of artificial creativity, alongside the question of artifcial intelligence, for… Continue Reading Can robots be creative? – Gil Weinberg

Translator: Shadia Ramsahye Reviewer: Denise RQ When I was little, I used to play the piano. I loved that instrument, Well, more so in the beginning. After that I was at the Conservatory of Music, and there were exams twice a year. You had to spend several weeks preparing for… Continue Reading Ca donnerait quoi si on prenait des cours de cerveau ? | Kevin Finel | TEDxVaugirardRoad

It used to be that if you wanted to get a computer to do something new, you would have to program it. Now, programming, for those of you here that haven’t done it yourself, requires laying out in excruciating detail every single step that you want the computer to do… Continue Reading The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn | Jeremy Howard

Translator: Michele Gianella Reviewer: Zhao Harry Hi everyone, my name is Rory, mechanical engineer, social entrepreneur. Agriculture, it’s the world’s most important industry. And agriculture is going through some growing pains as our global society changes faster than it ever has before. The population is rising, the developing world is… Continue Reading Open-source automated precision farming | Rory Aronson | TEDxUCLA

Translator: Queenie Lee Reviewer: Peter van de Ven What would art be like without emotions? It would be empty. What would our lives be like without emotions? They would be empty of values. So a famous classical poet said, “We hate and we love; can one tell me why?” –… Continue Reading The science of emotions: Jaak Panksepp at TEDxRainier

Translator: Bob Prottas Reviewer: Ariana Bleau Lugo Maslow, the renowned American psychologist, identified the pyramid of human needs, at the base of which are the two essentials, food and shelter. So shelter is the topic of my presentation tonight. At the dawn of the 21st century, unfortunately this is the… Continue Reading Contour Crafting: Automated Construction: Behrokh Khoshnevis at TEDxOjai