Translator: Yulia Kallistratova Reviewer: Denise RQ I want to share with you a big secret today. And it’s not one that a lot of you are going to want to hear. But at the same, time it’s so important that I have to tell you. That secret is this: what… Continue Reading How School Makes Kids Less Intelligent | Eddy Zhong | [email protected]

Translator: Romy Carvalho Reviewer: Peter van de Ven How does matter give rise to the mind? This is probably one of the most fundamental questions in philosophy and one of the earliest questions of mankind. As early as a few centuries BC, Plato and Aristotle in the West and the… Continue Reading Understanding the human mind without a human mind : The AI neuroscientist | Romy Lorenz | TEDxNTUA

Translator: Patricia Moloney Reviewer: Denise RQ At a certain time, a few years before that, I was in a gloomy cell, in the detention center at Fresnes. And I was pacing, in the cell, because they took away our mattresses, then, so you had to stand. In a corner of… Continue Reading Comment j’ai réussi ma plus belle évasion après 25 ans de détention. | Laurent Jacqua | TEDxParis

Μετάφραση: Aggeliki Ximeraki Επιμέλεια: Natalia Savvidi Θα πάμε λίγο πίσω στον χρόνο πρώτα. Το 1775 στη Γλασκώβη, ο Τζέιμς ήταν τότε 20 ετών. Είχε μόλις τελειώσει το σχολείο και το όνειρό του ήταν να γίνει ο πρώτος κατασκευαστής μαθηματικών οργάνων στη Σκωτία. Ήταν πολύ καλός στη δουλειά του. Είχε κλίση… Continue Reading How Artificial Intelligence change the world as we know it | Foteini Agrafioti | TEDxAcademy

Reviewer: Queenie Lee Intimacy, security, respect, good communication, a sense of being valued. These are some of the things that most people would agree make for healthy relationships. And researchers would agree, too. There is a large body of literature on romantic relationships that has identified the features of healthy… Continue Reading Skills for Healthy Romantic Relationships | Joanne Davila | TEDxSBU

Translator: Peter van de Ven Reviewer: Denise RQ You probably don’t realize that right now, you’re actually looking at something quite rare. Because I am a millennial computer scientist book author standing on a TEDx stage, and yet, I’ve never had a social media account. How this happened was actually… Continue Reading Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

Translator: Judy Klass Wow! There’s a lot of smart people in this room. Really smart. After all, every single one of you has about 85 billion neurons in your heads. And every one of those neurons is connected to thousands of others, which means there is over a hundred trillion… Continue Reading New hope for humans in an A.I. world | Louis Rosenberg | TEDxKC

Translator: Jessica Lee Reviewer: Denise RQ So how do we learn? And why does some of us learn things more easily than others? So, as I just mentioned, I’m Dr. Lara Boyd. I am a brain researcher here at the University of British Columbia. These are the questions that fascinate… Continue Reading After watching this, your brain will not be the same | Lara Boyd | TEDxVancouver

Translator: Hui chu Chen I’d like to introduce you to these five chairs because they are actually the real protagonists of my talk. They have a special message to give to all of us, and the message is about what behaviors and attitudes we bring into the world in every… Continue Reading Own Your Behaviours, Master Your Communication, Determine Your Success | Louise Evans | TEDxGenova

Translator: Ramin Farhangi Reviewer: Denise RQ Tonight, I’d like to start by sending a big “thank you” to our ancestors, the Enlightenment philosophers. Men are born free and equal in rights. I’m a big fan of that. I love being free. Free to think, say, and do whatever I want.… Continue Reading Pourquoi j’ai créé une école où les enfants font ce qu’ils veulent. | Ramïn Farhangi | TEDxSaclay