♪ (intro music) ♪ Hi, everybody, and welcome to the fourth and final video in this series of Zero to Hero with TensorFlow. I’m Laurence, and today we’re going to look back at the very first problem that we spoke about. And then we’ll see how we can build a… Continue Reading Build an image classifier (ML Zero to Hero, part 4)

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode, Jesse asks, How can we stop bad actors from using AI for malicious means from deepfakes to surveillance to hijacking political systems? Well, the short answer is you can’t. AI is not some mystical monolithic technology in a black box, right? It’s just a collection… Continue Reading You Ask, I Answer: Stopping Misuse of AI?

And now, in the news: Will the AI COPS lower the crime rate? Conversation with Backit, the inventor of COPS AI Have you ever wondered why people are afraid of AI? Fortunately I made one and you can see its power of infinite knowledge that fights crime Sounds great? Let’s… Continue Reading NO ESCAPE FROM AI COPS

Christopher Penn: In today’s episode Sampurnakumar I think I got that right asks, what level of data quality Do you need for AI to be successful doesn’t require the best data and the best data usage to solve problems. So one of the problems with AI today, conceptually, is that… Continue Reading You Ask, I Answer: Data Quality and AI?

So now that we understand the concepts of artificial neural networks and Deep Learning let’s mess around with it! It’s surprisingly easy to do. The folks behind TensorFlow at Google have created a nice little web site called playground.tensorflow.org that lets us experiment with creating our own neural networks and… Continue Reading Deep Learning Lecture 3: Hands-On in the Playground

Hello everyone I am Muhtar. In this tutorial I am going to present image classifier by using machine learning neural networks for medical/satellite images Part-2. Note that Part-1 of this tutorial has been presented previously. These are the title and the link of the Part-1. In order to understand this… Continue Reading Lec-2: Image Classifier Using Machine Learning, Neural Networks-For Medical/Satellite Images-Part 2