>>Yvette Nameth: And up next, we have Brian Gogan, talking about Chromecast testing.>>Brian Gogan: Hi, guys. So after all that talk of delicious dumplings and lunch, I’m sure there’s some post-food coma setting in. I’ll try to keep it fast. My name is Brian Gogan, I’m a software engineer, tools… Continue Reading GTAC 2015: Chromecast Test Automation

In this video, we cover the basics of the Automated Test Framework, or ATF. Linked time codes for these topics appear in the YouTube description for this video. The ATF provides you with the tools to create and run automated tests on your ServiceNow non-production instance. When you upgrade or modify an… Continue Reading Getting Started with the Automated Test Framework (ATF)

A dirty cranial nerve mnemonic is: Only optimistic octopus tentacles try and feel very good “vaginally-accessible” Hymens Eek! Only Optimistic Octopus Tentacles Try And Feel Very Good “Vaginally-Accessible” Hymens. One. Olfactory: What was the last thing you smelled? Coffee with breakfast. Two. Optic: Close one eye. What’s the top line… Continue Reading Cranial Nerves Dirty Mnemonic Tutorial : Clinical Neuroscience: Names, Test and Function

HelpHippo: Better than learning from Wikipedia. If you can draw this diagram, you have a basic understanding of seizure classifications. Seizures are partial or generalized Partial means only “Part” of the brain is first affected. General means that a larger portion of the brain is affected Partial can be divided… Continue Reading Seizure classifications, types for neuroscience pathology student: Tonic Clonic etc

So this is the essence of Bayes’ rule, which I’ll give to you in a second. There is some sort of a prior, by which we mean the probability before you run a test. And then you get some evidence from the test itself. And that all leads you to… Continue Reading Prior and Posterior – Intro to Machine Learning

Hey what’s up! Today we’re gonna take a look at the new vacuum robot 2, which just got out in the xiaomi store and his new floor cleaner does not only vacuum and sweep but it can actually mop your floor as well. -How about that… let’s go! In the… Continue Reading [Xiaomi] Smart Vacuum Robot, 2nd generation – Roborock Sweep One [full overview + tests]

>>Yvette Nameth: Next up, we have Jouko from Bitbar to talk about using image recognition for mobile app and game testing. >>Jouko Kaasila: Hello. Okay. So my name is Jouko Kaasila. I’m the cofounder and CEO of Bitbar, the company behind a pretty awesome online service called Testdroid Cloud, which… Continue Reading GTAC 2015: Mobile Game Test Automation Using Real Devices