MICHELLE: Hey, Lon, how’s it going? LON: Hi, Michelle, just getting some water. MICHELLE: I’m getting coffee. LON: How was your holiday? You have a good New Year’s? MICHELLE: Yeah, it was pretty good. How about yours? LON: Pretty good. Relaxing. MICHELLE: Awesome. SPEAKER: Oh, hi, Michelle and Lon. How… Continue Reading 4169 – Automate Patient Safety Survey PDF Report Production

Steve Dotto here. Today, I want to talk about task automation. This is a class of service that I am really excited about. Task automation is just basically a simple script that we create that runs that performs a repeating task for us. Now we’ve had them for a long… Continue Reading IFTTT & Zapier – How to Automate Tasks

Let’s continue with the Blocky puzzle challenge. We identified a packet sent from the server to the client that contains the state of the input buttons, 32bits and the state of all the output lines. We then used the proxy to inject random input states and collect a lot of… Continue Reading Failing at Machine Learning (Blocky part 2) – Pwn Adventure 3

I, Robot Terminator Are movies in which AI want to fuck us. What would happen if a robot have a conscience? Would he understand Earth’s problem is the human And would he want to eradicate us? Guys, Today we’re gonna talk about AI because it’s a fucking interesting topic. I’m… Continue Reading LES ROBOTS VONT-ILS DOMINER LE MONDE ?

Yo, how are you doing? Good? That’s awesome. Me too So let’s just get straight away into this video’s topic Ohmmm My mom is calling Hold on a second Ohhh boy Yep mom, how are you? Do this for me? Can you send the image to my friends on Facebook?… Continue Reading A.I vs Digital Divide l How DANGEROUS?

Alright so, the, the whole goal of what we’re going to add for boosting here is we’re going to, we’re going to expand on this notion of hardest examples and weighted mean. But before I can do that, I’m going to have to define a couple of terms. Okay. And… Continue Reading Ensemble Boosting Quiz – Georgia Tech – Machine Learning

So Austin Fraser is a British born specialist recruitment agency, founded in 2007. We’ve been operating for about 10 years. We have offices in the USA, in Texas, in Germany, Berlin and Munich, and in Reading in the UK, which is our headquarters. Our commercial and legal team are responsible… Continue Reading Unboxing Opportunities with Apps – Translation Automation

Hey everybody. Hank with DevNet Sandbox here with the latest update on how things go with our new data center build where the network is completely being driven through network automation. Now in today’s update, I want to talk a bit about network services and how that fits into our… Continue Reading Network Service Based Automation Part 1 – The Experience

Thanks to Brilliant for supporting this episode of Scishow. Go to Brilliant.org/scishow to learn more. {♫Intro♫} Beetles are incredibly diverse. We’re talking somewhere around 400,000 individual species — from weird-looking weevils to giant goliaths. They’re the most diverse group of complex organisms on Earth, and they make up over 20%… Continue Reading Why Are There So Many Beetles?

Recognizing images in other apps with Seeing AI. So far, we have seen the different channels which allow you to get different types of information about the world around you. However, sometimes you want to get that kind of information about photos that already exist, maybe in your camera roll,… Continue Reading Seeing AI app – Recognize Images in other apps