So I’m a physicist by training but my focus, I mean physicists are a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, but I focused on neuroscience since basically the end of my PhD and actually on life science since the beginning of my PhD. So I ended up in a faculty of psychology… Continue Reading PLOS ONE How does the study of physics and complex systems apply to neuroscience?

ROGER HIRST: The S&P 500 has just cleared 3300 for the first time, while the German DAX is within a whisker of the all time highs. Valuations are rampant and many assets are extremely extended, but our assets are actually in bubble territory. That is the big conversation. It seems… Continue Reading When’s a Bubble not a Bubble? | The Big Conversation | Refinitiv

robotic technology is prominent in our world today but so far there hasn’t been a lot of direct robot human interaction well things are about to change just outside of San Jose California at the massive NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley the Lowe’s Innovation Lab is developing full-sized working… Continue Reading This Robot Helps You Shop | Innovation Nation

hi and welcome back to Tech Talk I’m Ken Mingis executive editor Computerworld I’m here today with Juliet Beauchamp and InfoWorld’s Serdar Yegulalp about artificial intelligence and machine learning we’ve got Sardar back for more of a an interesting discussion a quick reminder if you’re watching us live we’re streaming… Continue Reading Machine learning and AI in action | TECH(talk)

Adam Savage from Tested here in the Tested offices and it’s the holiday season in San Francisco as I’m talking to you right now. It’s early December but Christmas has come early and I’m sitting on the best thing a little boy or a girl could want. Inside this box… Continue Reading Adam Savage Tests Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot!

Tired of enderman dismantling your beautiful house? Well… Tire no more! Say hi to Bart the pixel artist! An A.I. project of mine to make enderman more creative, less destructive There are 3 parts to it The first 2 parts are the agent and the environment… while the last part… Continue Reading Enderman Learns to Create Pixel Art (A.I. X Minecraft)

Courage drives Patricia Cruz. The mother of two always puts others firstÑeven before her own healthÑuntil her family encouraged her to ask a doctor about her recurring urinary tract infections. “I got a sharp pain on my right side really sharp, and it lasted for about an hour. I threw… Continue Reading Kidney cancer treated with chemotherapy & robotic surgery

– [Paul} Hello, and welcome to this video series on the Power BI Adoption Framework, which is about empowering every decision maker. I’m Paul. – [Manu] And I’m Manu. – [Paul] And in this video, we will talk about how to manage the various parts of Power BI. The Power… Continue Reading Power BI Service Management: how to manage | Power BI Adoption Framework

well the increased amount of artificial intelligence used in our DV gadgets is becoming more pronounced by the day its Spartan debater and whether the technology will benefit or threaten humanity as their Oh Sooyoung reports it’s giving rise to one more human centric artificial intelligence here’s the very bottom… Continue Reading How AI, robots will evolve to empower humans

Hey Winnipeg, we have some exciting news about our recycling program. There is a new facility where all the recycling goes that has a chance to sort it into the proper quality that the market demands so that the products that get sorted out can be made or repurposed into… Continue Reading Winnipeg’s new automated recycling facility