Welcome to this unit to Vision Basics in ROS part two follow a line so in previous unit you learned the like the very very basics of blob tracking so in this unit you do similar block tracking but using now OpenCV and learning the basics of using OpenCV in… Continue Reading [ROS Tutorials] ROS Perception Unit2# Follow Line with OpenCV (Python)

– Are you ready for more leads with no cold calls? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. Hi, I’m Dave Lorenzo. This is The Dave Lorenzo Daily and this is video number one in a six-video series and this is the No Cold Call Prospecting System. We’ll… Continue Reading AVOID Cold Calling When Prospecting New Customers | Become A Lead Generation Expert

“Now we will wait another 8 months for Part fi-.” Nnnope, 5 months this time. HA! IN YO FACE! 5 months?! Nah man, you didn’t even upload another part for like a decad- SHUSH! No. I don’t need to hear that goddamn joke anymore, thank you. Hello guys this is… Continue Reading The Sims Comments Logic (PART 5)

– Hi everyone. I’m Priya Natarajan; I am the current director of the Franke Program in Science and the Humanities, and I would like to give a warm welcome to our first talk of the academic year. Our talk today is part of the continuing series on mapping and knowing,… Continue Reading Mapping the Frontier between Man and Machine

When we first board a cruise ship, many passengers hope to have the time of their lives. Passengers are treated with a beautiful view of the ocean and islands that most have not witnessed before. Taking a cruise ship is promoted as a week of paradise where all your accommodations… Continue Reading 10 Cruise Ships That Had Unpleasant Endings

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The psychology of reasoning is a branch of cognitive psychology that studies that way in which humans use logic to come to conclusions based on available information. But not all reasoning is valid, and people may use invalid reasoning to come to illogical conclusions. So just how logical are we… Continue Reading How Logical Are You? (Psychology of Reasoning)

Movie logic horror movies in A nutshell you got safety in debt. We all know those horror movies. death safety uh Ahhhh!, you actually sound like the guy like in the Jason movie’s that for some reason survives in the end But always dies, what! oh wow what would you… Continue Reading Movie Logic! (These Make No Sense)

The next kind of thing we’re going to talk about is what’s called the curse of dimensionality. So this is as much a data– this is sort of a data quality issue, but it’s something that we have to be careful about when we’re doing data processing. So the curse… Continue Reading Dimensionality Reduction | Introduction to Data Mining part 14

Hi! Welcome back to Data Mining with Weka. In the last lesson, we looked at classification by regression, how to use linear regression to perform classification tasks. In this lesson we’re going to look at a more powerful way of doing the same kind of thing. It’s called “logistic regression”.… Continue Reading Data Mining with Weka (4.4: Logistic regression)