JUDY WOODRUFF: The impeachment inquiry under way in the U.S. Congress began after President Trump’s July phone call with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky. But Mr. Trump has repeatedly charged that the real wrongdoing was by Ukrainians. He asserts that they colluded against him in the past. William Brangham begins our… Continue Reading The problems with Trump’s claims of Ukrainian election interference

[MUSIC PLAYING] All right. So I’m Saul Griffith. I work at a little lab called Otherlab. We have too much fun, as you’ll find out shortly. I’m actually going to talk today about going soft, which is going to be an elaborate discussion of why this is the past of… Continue Reading We Solve for X: Saul Griffith on inflatable robots

If you enjoyed watching me get shot in these videos, don’t forget to leave a like! You can subscribe if you want, as well! (Seriously! Subscribe if you want!) Gonville, this is Captain William! German forces have retreated to the far… …side of the town. *Roger that, Williams! Keep up… Continue Reading SECRET TOWN INTELLIGENCE! – Minecraft Heroes and Generals – S4E10

♪ (intro music) ♪ Hi, everybody, and welcome to the fourth and final video in this series of Zero to Hero with TensorFlow. I’m Laurence, and today we’re going to look back at the very first problem that we spoke about. And then we’ll see how we can build a… Continue Reading Build an image classifier (ML Zero to Hero, part 4)

When we’re walking we’re not really thinking about what we’re doing But in fact walking is a very complex movement that requires us to coordinate the motion of all sorts of different parts of our body so that our feet are able to land exactly in the right place and… Continue Reading Science Snapshot: Untangling Space and Time in the Brain #neuroscience #cerebellum

I signed a ridiculous contract It means a pure vehement love will come to you Someone can love me,huh ? If my brother-in-law is Korean.. It might not be related to that What the matter with you ? Because I am not understand what’s happening .. Song ? There is… Continue Reading [AI SẼ LÀ GIA ĐÌNH TƯƠNG LAI CỦA TÔI?] Tập 2 – Hariwon, Parkjungmin, Shinwonho

Commander! Glad to finally see you in person. I’m Hank. Welcome to my domain. People call this place Black Market. I’m not a huge fan of the name, but it stuck — so we just went along with it. Everything you see here is for sale. Have you tried this?… Continue Reading Meet Hank! | War Robots TITANS Overview

DAVID LANG:A few years ago, I had this big epiphany.How do we shiftfrom just something we’re building togetherto all of these ways that we could be exploring together?We’re building the largest ocean observation networkin the world and we’re doing it with other people.It’s powered by citizens.So I’m gonna start my… Continue Reading This Low-Cost Robot Can Help You Explore the Ocean | Nat Geo Live

Hey, my name is Ian, and I’m joined by Abhijeet, and both of us work in the data… science team, at InMobi, and what we wanted to talk to you today about on… this Whiteboard Wednesday session, is about how we actually do a lot of… work using machine learning,… Continue Reading Whiteboard Wednesdays: Use of Machine Learning in Mobile Marketing Creatives

>>The focus today is going to be the talk about total knee replacement. I’d like to discuss briefly how I used to do it and how I’m currently doing knee replacement, and then I’d like to discuss why we made that chance. First, what we do. This is your tibia… Continue Reading Dr. Richard Illgen on Robotic-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery