“Youdai”? Like somebody’s condition, like how healthy they are Oh. This is different Wait, where did I wake up, though? I’m already driving Oh, okay, so Aiba was okay this time, but she couldn’t stop it cuz she was just an eyeball This is new What about Ota’s mom? Oh,… Continue Reading Against the Clock – Let’s Play AI: The Somnium Files Blind Part 15 [Japanese VA PC Gameplay]

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute Papers with Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. In the last few years, the pace of progress in machine learning research has been staggering. Neural network-based learning algorithms are now able to look at an image and describe what’s seen in this image, or even better, the… Continue Reading DeepMind’s New AI Dreams Up Videos on Many Topics

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute Papers with Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. Ever thought about the fact that we have a stupendously large amount of unlabeled videos on the internet? And, of course, with the ascendancy of machine learning algorithms that can learn by themselves, it would be a huge missed… Continue Reading Deep Learning Program Hallucinates Videos | Two Minute Papers #120

Eng SUB work that is enough Princess, do you feel tired? Do not disturb I’m practicing, can you play alone But I’ve been waiting for you for so long Take this one Why do you have this ? This is your favorite dish! So I will continue to practice let’s… Continue Reading Tiểu Hoa 3 : Ông lão bí ẩn này là ai. Tập 7 Mini World

Today, computers are starting to understand more about the world around us. From enabling face recognition, self-driving cars and even computers that are on the verge of outperforming doctors when it comes to diagnosing illnesses and cancers. All this is possible through machine learning, in particular deep learning which together… Continue Reading Introduction To Machine Learning, Deep Learning & YOLO | Including Demo With Raspberry Pi – DIY #36

Adam Savage from Tested here in the Tested offices and it’s the holiday season in San Francisco as I’m talking to you right now. It’s early December but Christmas has come early and I’m sitting on the best thing a little boy or a girl could want. Inside this box… Continue Reading Adam Savage Tests Boston Dynamics’ Spot Robot!

Hey everyone, it’s Frenoy. This is going to be a video on home automation and we are going to look at something very important which is communication, in particular MQTT. By the end of this video, you will learn how to communicate between devices and control them over your home… Continue Reading Making A Home Automation System (pt. 2) : MQTT Using Arduino Nano 33 IoT & WeMos D1 Mini – DIY #34

Tyra Bjorlo graduated in the summer of 2019 from Coastal Carolina University with a degree in Intelligence and National Security Studies. This major just overall has been fantastic and I loved every second of it. Her main study at Coastal focused on how women are holding more operational roles within… Continue Reading Coastal Now – Tyra Bjorlo Alumna Profile

Hello and welcome to this lecture. In this lecture. You are going to learn the language of machine learning. That means you are going to learn different terms used in Machine Learning. This is very important to understand because unless you know these terms you will not be able to… Continue Reading Machine Learning Terms and Lexicons

In this work we discuss the benefits and drawbacks of embodiment in conversational failures. How many carrots was it again? Sure I can. What kind of music would you like to listen to? I can really recommend the new Beatles collection. Our findings show that failures negatively affect future intentions… Continue Reading Embodiment Effects in Interactions with Failing Robots