“Now we will wait another 8 months for Part fi-.” Nnnope, 5 months this time. HA! IN YO FACE! 5 months?! Nah man, you didn’t even upload another part for like a decad- SHUSH! No. I don’t need to hear that goddamn joke anymore, thank you. Hello guys this is… Continue Reading The Sims Comments Logic (PART 5)

Quantitative researchers measure variables to answer their research question. The level of measurement that is used to measure a variable has a significant impact on the type of tests researchers can do with their data and therefore the conclusions they can come to. The higher the level of measurement the… Continue Reading Nominal, ordinal, interval and ratio data: How to Remember the differences

So we studied the brain process of free will. So what’s free will? Take an example from dinner, whether you want water, beer or wine, or whether you want chocolate for dessert. Compare this with involuntary actions like trembling or other movements, withdrawing the hand from a hot plate. What… Continue Reading Breathing may change your mind about free will

We have around 40,000 students in Turku in our universities. The campus is very dense, almost everything is within six blocks; all the universities and the University Hospital. So this is really a student City. I wanted to find out more about the brains and how they work. In general,… Continue Reading Master’s Degree Programme in Human Neuroscience at the University of Turku

Welcome to Business Spotlight on Money Radio WPSE. Business Spotlight is heard weekly at this time on 1450 AM and 107.1 FM. Today, Dr. Ralph Ford, Chancellor at Penn State Behrend, sits down with Joe Snyder, president at Process and Data Automation. Welcome to Behrend Talks. My guest today is… Continue Reading Behrend Talks 2.08: Joe Snyder, Process and Data Automation

Data governance initiatives are hard to get right. Committees are often poorly constructed and most participants disengage or they’ll send alternates. This causes data governance to lose momentum and collapse on many campuses. How could you avoid this trap? Well, you could do what the University of Notre Dame did,… Continue Reading EAB Expert Insights: Analytics and Business Intelligence with Scott Winslow

At the International Robot Exhibition 2009, the Kobayashi Laboratory at Tokyo University of Science presented a reception robot called SAYA. SAYA understands about 300 words, and can give 700 kinds of response. The robot’s face is made of silicone plastic, and it can show emotions through facial expressions and head… Continue Reading SAYA Life-like Reception Robot : DigInfo

Automation and robotics are shaping our future. Be part of it! In Tampere University, you will learn skills in Robotics, – Factory Automation and Industrial Informatics – pillars of industry 4.0. We are unique in providing a learning environment – with several laboratories equipped with latest technologies, – together with… Continue Reading Automation Engineering, Master’s Degree Programme

[MUSIC PLAYING] Machine learning is being used more and more today in the real world making decisions that impact our lives. It’s influencing health care by recommending treatments. It’s becoming increasingly important that we make it easy for us to control the behavior of those machine learning systems to make… Continue Reading Researchers design new ways to create safer algorithms for AI at UMass Amherst